019033: Change KSDMU Move Invoice process to version with auth-card

Automated Payment Authorisation is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


Khaos Control now supports automated Payment Authorisation with a Payment Service Provider. This removes the requirement to manually authorise the payments within the Authorise Payment stage of [Sales Invoice Manager].


An update to KSDMU is required, and is done as part of applying the update (version 8.177 or greater.)

To run automatically it is necessary to set up a Scheduled Task to run a Batch File, which KCSL can assist with setting up. Please contact the Development Team for more information.


  1. Open KSDMU
  2. Go to the Action 'MOVE_INVOICES', select a Destination Stage ID and an optional Source Stage ID. The Advanced Options can be ticked to provide more debugging. Go to [General] tab and select Verbosity Level: ALL.
  3. Tick 'Authoriese Payments when necessary' (scroll to the bottom of KSDMU Actions)
  4. Orders using a Payment Provider will be authorised when moving past the Authorise payment stage.
  5. The 'Authorise Payments when necessary' function works as though the Sales Invoice Manager has been used.


  1. This functionality works with substages and disabled stages.
  2. When moving past the Authorise Payment stage, invoices that require further interaction here will remain in this stage (manually moved orders will remain here also).
  3. If the destination stage comes before the source stage, KSDMU will return the warning ' No stages between source invoice stage and destination invoice stage'.
  4. If the source stage contains a substage, all invoices from that substage are moved in the process. If a substage is specified as the source stage, only the substage's invoices will be moved. It's not possible to move from a substage to its parent stage.
  5. In KSDMU, required fields go red when empty. This indicates a value is required here. However, selecting a different field will return the default value, and, if run, the default value is used.
  6. It is not possible to move from, or to, the User Tray

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