017405: Create import method to bring in external stock supplier levels

Create import method to bring in external stock supplier levels is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


The supplier’s quantity of an item can be imported into Khaos Control.


The file used for the import will only contain two fields; no other fields must be present in the file. The fields are as follows:

  • STOCK_CODE: contains the stock item code that the supplier’s quantity will be updated for. This can also be referenced as SKU in the import file.
  • QTY_AVAIL: contains the suppliers quantity amount.

The system will find the stock code, choose the first supplied supplier on the stock code and set the Qty available against this supplier.

If the Stock code is not matched or the stock item does not have a preferred supplier set against It in the [ Stock | Supplier ] screen then this will output an error and continue to process the file.


This development will be applied as a part of an update, a changelog will also be applied. Other steps for configuration are as follows: .ini options: New options have been added to the .ini options screen under the section Ralawise, these options are as follows:

  • FTPDirectorySuppQty: the FTP Directory where the file will be uploaded from. This directory must exist on the FTP site for this development to work.
  • FTPFileTypeSuppQty: the file type that the routine will look for, at this time .csv files are only supported, and this must contain “.csv” without quotations.
  • FTPHostSuppQty: the FTP Hostname where the KSDMU task will retrieve the csv file from.
  • FTPPasswordSuppQty: the FTP Password used to connect to the FTP site.
  • FTPUsernameSuppQty: the FTP Username used to connect to the FTP site.


  • The .csv file will be placed in the folder set in FTPDirectorySuppQty.
  • The KSDMU Task will be run (automatically or manually) and the .csv file will be processed.
  • The file will be marked as processed in Khaos Control and will not be reprocessed again unless its contents are changed.
  • The supplier quantity will be visible in the [ Sales Order ] Stock Lookup screen in the column “Supp. Qty”.
    Caveat: Matching on barcodes is not supported for this development and functionality will only match on the stock code.

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