018118: Channels 2.0 - Shopify Fraud Alert


KCSL have changed the Shopify import process such that orders which are marked as fraudulent by Shopify are not imported with payment and placed in Manual Hold.


This will be achieved by scanning orders as Shopify makes the system aware of them and verifying that they are not failed on their fraud check process.

Note: If an order is imported while in a status which indicates it is not fraudulent and is later moved to a status to indicate that it is fraudulent it will already be in the system and so Khaos Control will not be able to handle these orders automatically. It is our understanding that orders are marked instantly as fraudulent and so this should not cause an issue.


No configuration is required for this development.


There is no particular change to functionality. Orders which are marked as fraudulent by Shopify are imported without a payment and placed in Manual Hold.

Orders will otherwise import as normal. For example, Cash on Delivery = Payment on Account.

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