018152: Amazon Logistics courier - make it Courier Neo/KCC compatible

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This page is now deprecated and has been superseded by the Amazon SP API adoption. MWS access methods are no longer used or applicable.

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Courier Neo is the internal name used for the courier Brexit changes


Khaos Control can now contact the Amazon MWS Merchant Fulfilment API using a 'Courier Neo' -style courier integration.


An account set up to use Amazon Merchant Fulfilment must be set up. Once it has been, follow the steps below:

  1. Within Khaos Control, open [ System Data | Couriers].
  2. Create a new courier if needed.
  3. Set the Courier / Service Name to an appropriate name e.g. Amazon Logistics Neo.
  4. Click into the Export Type field. Press F4 to open the options and select 'Amazon Logistics Neo', then click OK.
  5. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button    to save the record.
  6. Right click on the courier and click Configure...:

Courier Configuration Screen

After setting up the first courier service that uses the 'Amazon Logistics Neo' Export Type, it is possible to then set up a second courier service with the same Export Type and then use the Copy From button in the right click > Configure... options on the second service to copy the settings from the first one.


After applying the above Configuration, typical steps for usage would include:

  1. Create a Sales Order, setting the Courier as the Service that uses Amazon Logistics Neo. The Courier option can be found in the Detail | Additional tab of the Sales Order.
  2. Save the Sales Order and process it through to the Shipping stage within the Sales Invoice Manager.
  3. Confirm the shipment, checking the weight is correct, and click Assign to Courier.
  4. Using Assign to Courier will will export the selected Sales Order to Amazon, using the Amazon order ID and item ID. Khaos Control will do this in two stages:
    1. GetEligibleShippingServices - this asks Amazon to respond with a list of available shipping services.
    2. CreateShipment - once one or more shipping service is returned, Khaos Control will pick the cheapest, and then request that Amazon create a shipment with that service. Note that if the Service ID is specified in the configuration, Khaos Control will try to request the service with that ID, even if it was not present in the list of available services.
  1. Amazon will attempt to create the shipment using the information provided, and will return a label file if successful.
  2. If the Printer Name is specified, Khaos Control will directly send the label to the printer with that name.
  3. Currently the label file is not saved. This means that this courier cannot be used with integrated labels.

Notes & Caveats:

  • This courier integration has been developed without access to an Amazon test system. As such, it is expected to fail in some unforeseen regard(s). This integration should not be used without an alternative shipping method. KCSL cannot be held responsible for any loss of Amazon reputation or seller privileges that may arise from the use of this courier integration without a backup shipping method.
  • This courier integration is intended for use with Channels 1.0 Amazon orders. The use of Channels 2.0 Amazon orders is not supported.
  • It is not possible to cancel Amazon Logistics shipments or reprint Amazon Logistics labels via the Khaos Control interface.
  • The Nominal Weight will be applied to any box with a zero weight and added to the total, even though no box-specific information is exported to Amazon. In other words, if the order is packed into Box A and Box B, and Box A has a weight of 2.5, and Box B has a weight of 0, if the Nominal Weight is 1 (and the Weight Scale is 1), the total order weight exported to Amazon will be (2.5 + 1) = 3.5.

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