018307: New PSP integration with Klarna

New PSP integration with Klarna is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


Khaos Control have implemented an integration with the Klarna Payment Platform.
Note: Also see 018728: Bank Reconciliation Process for Klarna.


The integration is not capable of taking Klarna payments in the back-office software. The payments are to be taken from the web portal and tokenised information is passed to Khaos Control for use in back-office processes.

The tokens arrive in a pre-authorised state and Khaos Control will process final authorisation of these tokens via the authorise payments stage of [ Sales Invoice Manager ].

Tokens are also used to provide refunds through to the customer from the normal places in Khaos Control, i.e. Refund Notes, Credit Notes and the [ Customer | Detail | Statement ] tab.  


A Change log and an update will be applied as a part of this development, other steps for configuration are as follows:

DLL Deployment

DLL’s for this integration must be placed in a subfolder titled PSP in the applications directory, i.e. if your KhaosControl.exe is in c:\bin\khaoscontrol\ then the DLL folder will be c:\bin\khaoscontrol\PSP\. KCSL will set up the DLL files and folders.

System Data Configuration

The settings for this card integration can be found in the [ System Data | Card Integration Accounts ] screen. The recommended System Data Configuration for this integration are as follows:

  • Integration Type: Klarna.
  • Token Swap: Unticked.
  • Copy PreAuth to following payments: Unticked.
  • PreAuth full order value: Unticked.

Right click on the card integration and select Configure to open the Integration Options Dialog and set the following configuration options:

  • Testing: this denotes whether to connect to the testing endpoint when ticked, this can be used for training purposes, and will connect to the production / live endpoint when unticked.
  • Username & Password: will be supplied by Klarna.


Steps for usage are as follows:

For Normal orders

Klarna Payments can be authorised as normal in the following areas:

For Order Imports

The following tags must be present within the <PAYMENTS_DETAILS> tags of the XML import file:

  • PAYMENT_TYPE: 2, card payments.
  • PREAUTH: -1, must be pre-Authed.
  • PAYMENT_AMOUNT: the amount from the Klarna order.
  • CARD_NAME: the buyer from the Klarna order.
  • AUTH_CODE: the Klarna reference from the order
  • TRANSACTION_ID: the Klarna Order ID which is used for PostAuth (Capture/Refund)

See Also

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