018339: Enable export of ship date for GFS

GFS Courier Integration is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


The .ini options have been modified to include the new option GFS_UseShipDate in the GFS Courier exports section.


This functionality will have the effect of changing the date used by the export to the Ship Date for the invoice which is selected in the Shipping stage of Sales Invoice Manager. This will then be exported when assigned and confirmed for GFS allowing the user to indicate what collection date they need.
The Date column (column 12: Despatch Date) in the export file will now use the Ship date set in the Confirm shipment screen If this option is switched on.
The option GFS_WorkingDayShipment has also been added to the .ini options to allow the date to be adjusted according to working days.


Configuration Options for this development are as follows:

  • Set the option GFS_UseShipDate to on (-1) to use the date set in the confirm shipment screen.
  • Set the option GFS_WorkingDayShipment to on (-1) to only use working days in the ship date.

This development will be applied as a part of an update and requires no other area's of configuration.


  1. In the [ Sales Invoice Manager | Shipping ] stage, click the Confirm shipment button button.
  2. Select the required ship date
  3. Move the invoice into the lower grid.
  4. Select the GFS Courier integration, click OK.
  5. Click the BtnSiAssign2Courier.jpg button. The file exported will now use the ship date selected in the Confirm Shipment screen.

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