018356: Courier integration: APC


Khaos Control have added functionality so that users can use the APC overnight courier.


A new courier option is now available that uses the APC overnight courier.


This development will be applied as a changelog and an update. Please speak to a member of the support staff regarding applying the changelog. Steps for configuration are as follows:

  1. Whilst in the [ Courier | Shipping | Couriers ] in System data, add a new line as normal.
  2. In the new item line press F4 in the Export Type Column to access the available couriers.
  3. Select the APC Courier and save.
  4. Right click in the new APC courier item line and select 'Configure'.
  5. Enter the configuration options from your APC Overnight account in:
    1. APC Account Number
    2. APC Account Email
    3. APC Account Password
  6. Enter the APC Product Code that specifies the shipping service to be used with this integration.
  7. Enter the 'ready at' time and 'closed at' time as per your needs.
  8. Enter the collection details.
  9. In the Label Format option, enter the option you wish to use. The options for this are ZPL, PNG or PDF.
  10. Enter the printer name as it appears in Windows.
  11. Enter the Label Folder where labels should be output to when assigning to courier is completed.
  12. Set the weight scale, pack dimensions and dimensions scales.

Other configuration options available are:

  1. Requires Consignment Ref - whether a consignment reference needs to be returned before the invoice is automatically moved from the shipping stage once assigned to courier.
  2. Goods Fragile - whether the goods should be marked as fragile when the order is sent to the courier.
  3. Goods Require Security - whether the goods need security when the order is sent up to the courier.

These can be ticked or unticked as required.


After applying the above Configuration, typical steps for usage would include:

  1. In the Shipping Dialog box when a Sales Invoice is moved to the lower grid, use the F4 option to select the configured APC Courier.
  2. When pressing BtnSiAssign2Courier.jpg the request will be sent up to APC Overnight.
  3. A label will be returned from APC Overnight that will be printed or saved, depending on configuration options.

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