018443 Postpone stock assignments for standing orders


The generate standing orders process has been modified so that stock does not have to be assigned when generating standing orders.


This development will allow all orders that are generated through this process to move into the future stage of the [ Sales Invoice Manager ] where the back-order stock assignments can be assigned manually.


A changelog and an update will be applied as a part of this configuration, other configuration steps are as follows:

The changelog applied will add a new value to the SYSTEM_VALUES_NEW table “STANDING_ORDER_POSTPONE”:

  • When switched on (default) this will postpone that assignment of stock items to any standing orders generated.
  • When switched off stock will automatically be assigned to standing orders when they are generated.


When generating Standing orders and the option is switched on (default) the Sales Orders generated from these standing orders will now have the stock assignment postponed. The item lines in the Sales Order will be yellow.

Notes/Caveats: If standing orders contain items that have a Cross sell/Up sell item that has “auto-Add” ticked in the [ Stock | Detail | Up / Cross Sell ] screen these items will still have stock assigned to them in the Sales Orders generated from Standing Orders.

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