018546: Export Sales Order Code as Consignment Ref


The Invoice code can now be exported as the consignment reference for Tuffnells courier integration.


This option will be used in place of manually adding the invoice code during the confirm shipment stage of the [ Sales Invoice Manager ].

This development also switches off delayed invoice code generation, so the invoice code is generated automatically when a Sales Order is saved and not when the Sales Invoice Is generated in the Invoicing stage in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ].


A Changelog and an update will be applied as a part of this development, no other configuration steps are required.


Once configured, typical steps for usage are as follows:

  1. When exporting Sales Order via the Tuffnells Courier the EZEELINK.txt that contains the output Sales Order will now display the Invoice_code in the consignment_ref column.
  2. When Generating Delivery Notes the Invoice code will also be displayed in the top right corner under “Document Ref:”

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