018639: Courier integration changes to ParcelForce file output


The following fields have been added as optional when outputting to a ParcelForce WDMO file.


The following fields have been added to the output file and can be switched on in the .ini options dialog from within Khaos Control:

PFWDM2ExportTel: export the contact level Telephone number and Mobile number. If the contact Telephone the address level telephone number is used instead.
PFWDM2ExportEmail: export the contact level email address. If the contact level Email address is blank then the address level Email is used instead.
  • When switched on (-1), this functionality will display the relevant option details after the postcode field in output file for the ParcelForce WDMO courier integration.
  • When switched off (0), the original functionality for this courier will be retained and no new fields will be put in place to mark where these details would be.


Once the update has been deployed the configuration options can be found in the [ System Operations | Edit .ini Options ] under the CourierExport section.
Set these to -1 to switch on the functionality of this development and 0 to switch off this functionality.


When switched on the ParcelForce WDMO courier integration will now export the Telephone, Mobile Number and the Email address when assigning to the courier in the shipping stage of the [ Sales Invoice Manager ].

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