018921: Change Pay360 development to take partial payments - Phase 1, Pay360 change

Pay360 development is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


With regard to the Pay360 PSP integration, when creating a sales order in Khaos Control it is now possible to add a partial payment initially, and settle the full amount at a later time.


Initial setup is required for Pay360, which is outlined in 017538: Integrate with new PSP - Pay360. (Set up could also require configuration of new or existing Bank Accounts and Bank Nominals.) For this new development updated DLL files are required.

  • DLL Deployment:

DLL’s for this integration must be placed in a subfolder titled PSP in the applications directory. For example, if your KhaosControl.exe is in C:\bin\khaoscontrol\, then the DLL folder will be in C:\bin\khaoscontrol\PSP\.

Note: KCSL will undertake the setup of these DLL files as part of deploying the development.

  • System Data

A new option has been created for this development: [ System Data | Card Integration Accounts ] > context menu > ‘Configure…’ Allow Reduced Capture. When ticked, the Post-Auth sends out the Amount, allowing smaller value than the Pre-Authed to be captured.

Note, in [ System Data | Card Integration Accounts ], Test Mode can be enabled from the right click ‘'Configure…’' option by ticking the Testing option.


After applying the above Configuration, typical steps for usage would include:

  1. Create a Sales Order. Add a Stock Item
  2. Create a new payment. Set Payment Type to: Card.
  3. Tick Manual Payments. Now a part payment (amount less than Order Total) can be set.
  4. Create a New Card, or Select an Existing one. (If you are testing, Test card numbers can be found at: https://docs.pay360.com/getting-started/test-card-numbers/
  5. Highlight the payment line and select Pre-Auth Credit Card from the Context Menu.
  6. Reduce the amount of the Sales Order by opening the Context Menu and selecting Calculate New Amount.
  7. The full amount can now be Authorised from the Context Menu of the payment line.
  8. Payment receipt can be confirmed by visiting the Pay360 web interface, which can be found at: https://portal.mite.pay360.com/miportal/#/home

Note: It is recommended to start Khaos Control after changing the configuration described above.

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