018976: Workflow reports to be able to be triggered on the Nth of the month


The Workflow Data Query Report options have been enhanced so that clients can setup reports which are sent on the Nth of the month (for example, a report which triggers on the 1st of every month).


Using the Workflow, It is now possible to set a report to run on a specific day of the month,


An Update and a changelog will be applied as a part of this development, other steps for configuration are as follows:

  1. Whilst in the [ Reports ] screen, load the SQL report you wish to send the email for,
  2. Click on the Data Query Report Scheduler button button in the top right of the screen to open the Workflow (Email Trigger) dialog.
  3. A new radio button has been added to the “Execute Trigger”.
  4. Set the radio button to “Day of Month”.
  5. A new “Day of The Month” input value will now be visible.
  6. Set this to be the date that the report should be triggered.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog.


Once configured, when Khaos Control is opened on the date set in the reports workflow the report will be generated and emailed as per the configuration.

Note: Khaos Control must be run on the date specified to generate the report, if Khaos Control is not opened on this date then the report will not be generated and will not generate after this date. An example batch file has been produced that can be run via Scheduled Tasks to run on the date specified, triggering the report to be generated. An example of the batch file contents are as follows:

"k:\KeystoneSoftware\Applic\KSDMU.exe" Action=EMAIL_TRIGGER --NoGUI  Verbose=ALL  --SaveOutput=-1 --OverwriteOutput=-1 OutputFile=FILEPATH_TO_LOGGING AllPath=" k:\KeystoneSoftware\Applic\"

Please modify FILEPATH_TO_LOGGING to be the directory where you store log files.

Please contact KCSL with help setting up the batch file and the scheduled task.

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