019116: Channels 2.0 - Improve Shopify POS order import

Channels 2.0 - Improve Shopify POS order import is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


The Shopify POS sales orders have been improved to allow users to determine how they wish them to be handled in Khaos Control.


New options have been added to the [ Channels | Detail | Setup ] screen allowing more control over when or how to download POS orders. In addition to the Download POS Orders options, which have not been modified, the following options give finer control over POS order downloads:

  • Channel Location: this is the location where orders will be downloaded from if the “Only Import Order for Chosen location” checkbox is set.
    Note: this option was previously named “Stock Location”.
  • Location import Site: when set any orders imported via the Shopify POS will be imported against the stock control site set in this dropdown.
  • Only Import Orders for Chosen Location:
    • TICKED: this will enforce that only orders that came in via the location set in “Channel Location” are imported into Khaos Control. Any orders not made from this location will be ignored and will not be imported.
    • UNTICKED: all orders created via a POS will be imported.

Note: If the Channel Location is not set in the [ Channels | Detail | Setup ] screen, then the “Only Import Orders for Chosen Location” option will be ignored and also download the POS Order(s) into the Staging stage in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ] instead of the Issue stage.


Steps for configuration are as follows:

  1. An update and a changelog will be applied as a part of this development.
  2. In the [ Channels | Detail | Setup ] screen, set up the options as required.
    Note: locations will be pulled down from Shopify once the Sync Broker task has run and may not show until then.


Once configured the system will work as follows:

  1. Any POS Shopify orders will now be imported as per the settings configured above.
  2. POS Orders will automatically be placed in the Issue stage of the [ Sales Invoice Manager ], except if the “Only Import Orders for Chosen Location” option is unticked as indicated above.

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