021478: Automate the Royal Mail Click and Drop courier to to import shipments following Assign to Courier


The Royal Mail Click and Drop integration has been updated to automatically attempt to import the consignment refs from a CSV file returned by Royal Mail.


The following configuration needs to be done in order for the changes to work.

Courier Setup

  1. Open a System Data screen (show me how).
  2. Double click on [ Courier | Shipping | Couriers ].
  3. Right click the RM Click & Drop integration and select Configure.
  4. Enter the values as required:

Input Filename The file Khaos Control will use to import consignment ref’s Input.csv
Input path The path Khaos Control will look for the “Input File” D:\sharedApps\

Click & Drop application

  1. Log into your C&D application.
  2. From the app select the settings icon.
  3. In the Watch Directory set the same path as the Input Path as specified in the courier configuration. i.e. D:\SharedApps\

Batch File

A batch file should be placed on the local system and set to run as frequently as required. This will be completed by a member of Khaos Control staff, please email Support with your request.


Once configured no special steps are required for use, the routine will be run periodically and consignment ref’s will be assigned to the Sales Order as they are received from Royal Mail.

See Also

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