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Names of hidden categories are not displayed at the bottom of content pages on KhaosWiki (external) or kc:Wiki (internal) by default. This is intended to stop them from being shown on extracts sent to customers. It should have no impact on your use of the wikis; you can still list all content pages included in a category (e.g. enter "Category:Work Required" or Category:AwaitingReview in the search box).

If, exceptionally, you need to have these categories displayed on your content pages, you will have to:

  1. Select "My preferences" (top right hand corner of screen);
  2. Tick the "Show hidden categories" checkbox on the "Misc" tab; and
  3. Save the settings.

To hide a category, add the following line to the start of the category page:


Hidden categories include:

"Wiki_Maintenance" and its sub-categories "AwaitingReview", "Candidates for deletion", "Stub", "Todo", "Work Required" and "Work in Progress".

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