End-User Training Courses

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Khaos Control offer the following basic and end-user training courses. The courses are aimed at staff with little knowledge of the system, for example new members of staff and end users although some contain management setup options. The courses can be combined and linked with ad-hoc training to suit your requirements.

For a detailed description and breakdown of the course content, prerequisites and duration click on the course name in the table below.

Training can be carried out remotely, at our offices in Grantham or at your offices. We can train a maximum of four delegates at any one time and the day includes a lunch when delivered at our offices in Grantham.
Note: if training at your offices then it is important that the training environment is conducive to learning.

The courses below can be combined, for example Stock and Purchasing or Customer and Supplier with the Contact Manager and CRM course.

If you are interested in the End-User Training Courses, please email Training for more information.

Accounts This course is designed to cover the core accounts functionality. The course includes; Nominal Accounts, Bank Accounts, basic Debt Management, Customer/Supplier Statements, Sales/Purchase Ledger, Tax (VAT), Stock Valuation and period close down procedures.
Contact Manager and CRM The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area of the system allows users to record and manage contact with both customers and suppliers, maintaining an audit trail. This course covers setup, use of the CRM screens and Contact Manager and adding information from sales orders and stock items.
Customer and Supplier The Customer and Supplier course covers the creation of new customers and suppliers, the options available when setting them up, adding entries and updating their records. It also covers a basic overview of the Contact Manager screens.
Email Manager Email Manager allows users to create and send emails either manually or automatically from the system. This course covers the setup, use and management of the emailing system including adding customer and supplier email addresses, setting up email templates and triggers.
EPOS The EPOS functionality of Khaos Control enables the system to be used with a touch screen in a shop setting. The EPOS training course covers the setting up, maintenance and use of EPOS.
List Manager The List Manager is used for filtering customer and supplier data, creating customer and supplier lists and exporting the resulting information. This course covers the setup and use of the List Manager.
Purchasing This course covers the purchasing process including ordering items including items on back order, delivering goods in, quality checking, creating Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices and Supplier Returns and setting up Supplier Price Lists.
Repeat Orders Repeat orders area of the system allows users to produce delivery rounds containing a list of customer orders on the basis of the delivery round that they will use. This course covers the setup and management of delivery rounds and includes the Call List course.
Sales Invoice Manager The Sales Invoice Manager controls how customers' orders/invoices, credit notes, quotations and customer returns are processed after they have been entered via the sales order or returns screens. Back Orders are also managed in this area both for stock assignment and purchase ordering. This course covers the setup, management and available options when using the Sales Invoice Manager.
Sales Orders The Sales Orders course covers the setup, creation and updating of sales orders from creating new customers, adding stock items and the options available when creating sales orders. It includes the creation and use of proforma orders, quotations and credit notes.
Sales Returns The Sales Returns course covers the setup and use of customer returns, where they can be created from, the options available, how they are processed and how the system accounts for the stock.
Sales Summary The sales summary screen allows users to review their sales and supplier statistics. The basic Sales Summary course covers how to use the filters, using and understanding the Bestsellers, Customers, Invoices and Payments screens and a Keycode analysis.
Stock This course covers the basic stock setup and maintenance, defining relationships (Packs and Builds) and creating SCS items.
Web Categories Website Categories are designed to show the structure of your website(s), the stock is held under each category on each website, together with a description that is specific to their location and allows the user to manage the categories and the stock held in them. The Web Categories course covers the setup and management of your websites and stock items associated with them.

The following courses have not yet been written so the description is a general guide of what the content will include. Some of the content may consist of topics covered during other courses, for example basic courses, while the user may specify other topics to cover during the training in addition to that in the standard advanced course.

If you are interested in any of these courses please email Training.

Call List
To be written
Call Lists are useful for telesales staff where customers purchase items on a regular basis, for example weekly or monthly. This course covers the setup and use of call lists.
To be written
The End-User Promotions course covers the setting up and use of Price Lists, Special Offers and Keycodes and their affect when applied to sales orders.
To be written
The Vehicles screen allows users to maintain a record of how much delivery vehicles are costing to run. This course covers the setup and use of the screen including entering costs and understanding the breakdown of costs recorded.

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