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Setting up and Importing Actinic Customers and Sales Orders is an Advanced User feature.

Configuring Khaos Control

System Data

In order to import Actinic Customers/Sales Orders, the following entries need to exist in System Data:

  • Create a sale source called "Actinic". Any imported Actinic sales orders will automatically use this sale source.
  • Create a company class called "Actinic", any customers created during the Actinic import process will automatically be set to this company class. We suggest the following settings:
    • Discount = 0
    • Terms period = 0
    • Terms type = (empty)
    • Credit limit = 0
    • Payment type = "credit card"
    • Calc method = "gross unit"
  • If you wish to use import Coupon codes and Keycode discounts please email Development so this can be configured.
    Note: only the first coupon code specified in the Actinic files will be applied to a Sales Order.

Configuration File Options

The following options are available in your configuration file:

Description when enabled
DataProtInPersons=FALSE Disabled Will read the Data protection / Mailing State information from the Actinic Persons file.
ImportCCDetails=FALSE Disabled Will import Credit Card details from the Actinic Payments file, otherwise all payments will be treated as CASH.
UseDefaultDelDate=FALSE Disabled Will override the Delivery Date from Actinic and make KhaosControl calculate the delivery date following the normal Sales Order rules.
LinkDeliveryNet=TRUE Enabled Forces the Actinic Delivery Charge to be treated as a NET value.
"Shipping Tax Cost 1" = Delivery Tax. Shipping Total Cost = Delivery Net. Otherwise "Shipping Total Cost" = Delivery Gross.
PricesNet=TRUE Enabled Forces the Actinic Price to be interpreted as a NET value.
DefaultKeyCode=(keycode code) If specified this will override any keycode applied to Actinic Orders with the one from this INI setting. If not specified the field "User Definable 1" from the Actinic Order will be used.

Only the options listed on this page are supported unless otherwise stated. Actinic contains features which may not be supported by Khaos Control and if Actinic make changes to their system, development may be required to support any changes.

Exporting Files from Actinic and Importing into Khaos Control

Exporting orders from Actinic as CSV files

  1. In Actinic, go to '[ Settings | Business Settings | Order Processing ]'.
  2. In the Report Options section:
    1. Tick the box for 'Enable Export to Files'; and
    2. set the file path names as required.

According to their manual[1] the Actinic order export files must be created in the 'Source' directory found within the Actinic Link profile directory. To set this:

  1. Click the 'Browse' button for each of the five exported files; and
  2. Specify the correct path in the Actinic Link directory, within the 'Source' folder. Assuming that Actinic Link is installed in 'C:\Program Files\Actinic Link\Khaos Control' the correct file locations are shown below:

Export File
Orders File C:\Program Files\Actinic Link\Khaos Control\Source\orders.csv
Persons File C:\Program Files\Actinic Link\Khaos Control\Source\persons.csv
Order Lines File C:\Program Files\Actinic Link\Khaos Control\Source\orderlines.csv
Payments File C:\Program Files\Actinic Link\Khaos Control\Source\payments.csv
Buyers File C:\Program Files\Actinic Link\Khaos Control\Source\buyers.csv

The files are created by clicking on the 'Export Orders' button, selecting '[ Reports | Outstanding Exports ]', or right-clicking on an order and selecting 'ReExport To Files'.[2]

Importing Orders into Khaos Control

Once you have used Actinic Link to export these files from the Actinic database, they need to be imported into Khaos Control. We suggest you copy the files to Khaos Control's import subdirectory (e.g. K:\KeystoneSoftware\Import\) before running either:

Note: Rows in the "orderlines.csv" file that have negative values will not be imported (If you wish to apply a discount to an order line, this should be reflected in the item price as the discount column is not imported either).


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