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This page lists all the new development associated with Khaos Control Version 8.159. This information is originally displayed on the What's New page. This page is listed on the What's New - Archive page.

Version 8.159

Improvements to the Print Grid dialog

The Print Grid dialog now has additional options which can be saved and reloaded the next time the dialog is opened. These options are:

  • Print Direct to Printer
  • Print Grid Lines
  • Size Columns To Fit
  • Min Size

For more information see Print Grid.

Add Created and Used date columns to the [ Keycode | Aliases ] grid

New columns have been added in the Promotion Keycode Aliases screen enabling users to view when a Keycode Alias has been generated or created and the date it was used.

For more information see Promotion Keycode Aliases screen.

Prevent the Sales Invoice from being moved into the next stage after being shipped, if there is no Consignment Ref

A new option has been added against the Courier Service, which prevents a Sales Invoice from being moved into the next stage after [ Shipping ], if there is no Consignment Ref.

For more information see How To: Prevent a Sales Order from moving past the Shipping Stage without a Consignment Reference.

Additions to Workflow options

Additional options have been added to the Email Trigger Dialog that allows the following options to be used:

  • A blank Data Query report can be sent out as an email attachment. Normally if there are no results after a Data Query has been run then the system would not normally send out the results. This option allows you to do this.
  • File Name Template is how the filename for each report should be laid out followed by the tag $SEQUENCE.
  • The Sequence Format field stores how the sequence will be displayed. The format should be in the form %.Xd, where X is numeric value. The digit can be removed completely from this to just give a file with the sequential number and no padding. A simple example of this is %.6d, which translates to a number preceded by six zeroes. For example: 0000001, 00000067 etc.

For more information see Email Trigger Dialog.

Enable Non-Working Days for all projects

Non-Working Days, e.g. Bank Holidays, can be configured so that the system takes them into account, for example when a sales order is created the delivery date takes the non-working days into account.

For more information see System Data Non-Working Days.

Additions to return email trigger available conditions and return email template available tags

  • “Sales Source” has been added to the Available Conditions in [ Email Manager | Rule Setup ] for a 'Return' type email. This will allow the customising of emails being sent to the customer by Khaos Control, by sending a different template to different customers.
  • The $ASSOCIATED_REF has been added the the [ Email Manager | Message Templates ] for emails of Trigger Type Return.

For more information see:

Remove the Help buttons from the Price List screens

The help buttons BtnColumnHelp.jpg have been removed from the Price List screens. These used to be at the top of the screen above the grid and provided information about the grids. This information is now available on the Wiki.

For more information see:

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