Khaos Control Version 8.166

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This page lists all the new development associated with Khaos Control Version 8.166. This information is originally displayed on the What's New page. This page is listed on the What's New - Archive page.


016891: GDPR: Improved Cleardown Tool

A new Cleardown Tool to remove old customer details in order to conform with GDPR has been developed. It does need to be setup by Support before first use.

017332: "Storage Box" - Turn Off `Subtract` and `Intersect` when there are no Stock Items in the Storage Box

The Stock Storage Box functionality has been enhanced to include both Remove and Select All functions.

017921: Add service flag to SP ledger for reverse charge vat purposes

The "VAT on services received from overseas suppliers” can be considered as a “reverse charge” and reported on differently to HMRC.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018145: Accounts - prevent non-unique journal_id usage

Khaos Control Accounts have been enhanced to prevent non-unique journal_id usage.

018178: Fast Track and Despatch dialog

The Fast Track and Despatch dialog will now generate the Invoice Code if there isn't one.

018197: Changes to the Stock Reordering Planning Report grid

A new sub-grid has been added to the [ Stock | Reordering | Planning Report ] screen that displays information about the selected item line in the upper grid.

018233: Modify the TSV Sales Order import tool to be controlled by a System Values New Option

The sales order import tool is now controlled by a hidden option.

018262: Modify Courier: Tuffnels - add email address to exported information

KCSL have updates the Tuffnels courier integration to add the contact email address to the exported information.

018283 Make Scheduled Shipments Client Specific

Scheduled Shipments have been improved to be client specific. This covers generation, storing and creation of subsequent orders.

018355: Courier integration: ShipTheory

Khaos Control has been enhanced so that Ship Theory can be used to select a courier.
Note : this enhancement does include the Sales Order "Courier note" being sent to the courier.

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