Khaos Control Version 8.168

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This page lists all the new development associated with Khaos Control Version 8.168. This information is originally displayed on the What's New page. This page is listed on the What's New - Archive page.


018492: Improve the system to allow manual overhead figures to be implemented consistently

The Profit / Margin dialog in the [ Sales Order | Detail | Main ] screen has been modified to include/exclude the Overheads column.

018230: Change to scanning process on delivery note

Scanning items on a Delivery Note has a new option 'Scan As Single Qty', which allows items to be scanned one at a time instead of the whole item line at once.

018124: Expose Barcode Pipeline onto Basic Report Pick Ticket

Barcodes are now exposed as an available data pipeline on the Pick Ticket / Despatch Note Report of Basic Reports.

018340: Purchase Invoice changes to allow difference between EC Acquisitions and EC Services

Enable the system to show a difference between EC Acquisitions and EC Services to allow the VAT calculations to be completed accurately.

018036: Export and import Price List data via .csv

Stock Item Price Lists can now be exported and imported into Khaos Control in .CSV format. PH

018287: Add process to import returns into Web Service API

raise new Return Requests via their Standard Web Services; the processing of return requests will still be controlled by a back-office task. PH

018395: Channels 2.0 - Change Financial_Status checking on Shopify import process

Sales Orders can be prevented from importing from Shopify, unless their Status is Paid or Authorised.

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