Khaos Control Version 8.169

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This page lists all the new development associated with Khaos Control Version 8.169. This information is originally displayed on the What's New page. This page is listed on the What's New - Archive page.


018367: Modify Sales Invoice Manager Rules Postcode matching to match whole Postcode

Postcode matching can now evaluate both parts of a UK postcode, on Sales Invoice Rules, Default Courier and Delivery Rates.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018378: Channels 2.0. Courier Notes from Shopify

The order.Note field passed through the Shopify integration is now added into the Invoice Notes on the Sales Order created by the import.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

016671: Control access to Data Query Report screen

The Data Query Report screen has been changed so that admin users are able to control what actions other users are able to perform.

018570: Channels 2.0 - Increase stock_code length to 50

The length of the stock code has been increased to 50 characters as a result of longer stock code lengths in some channels.

018145: Accounts - prevent non-unique journal_id usage

Khaos Control Accounts have been changed to prevent non-unique journal_id usage.

018356: Courier integration: APC

APC overnight courier functionality has been added to the system.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

017692: Changes to the way Big Commerce order statuses are updated

The channels 2.0 integration has been modified and can now handle the updating of order statuses more intelligently.

018352: Change bank import to support original intention

Improvements have been made to the bank reconciliation import process.

018214: Copy sales order should support the source company being of a different currency

The copy Sales order process has been enhanced to allow copying where the source company is of a different currency, see How To: Copy a Sales Order for a Different Customer.

Support Ticket Changes

X00018782 Transfer Order Raised in Error

The [ Customer | Detail | Customer Service | Sales Orders / Invoices ] tab will now show Transfer orders as having an Order Type of ST rather than S, and Return Exchanges that have been converted to a Transfer Order will show with an Order Type of RET.

X00018506 Upsale to move with relationship wrong

Adding an Up/Cross Sell item will now always add a new line to the order rather than increasing the quantity if it is an existing item.

X0001871E Orders not showing correct price list

When prices are locked, the Price From description will now append Locked rather than overwrite with Prices Locked.

X00018542 Warning dialog style change

Users are now prevented from deleting a Delivery note where there are allocations made against a corresponding Purchase Invoice.

X00018800 Issue with final delivering items on the on order tab

The message when attempting to final deliver items that haven't been delivered is now a confirmation message so the process can be continued if required.

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