Khaos Control Version 8.172

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018152: Amazon Logistics courier - make it Courier Neo/KCC compatible

Khaos Control can now contact the Amazon MWS Merchant Fulfilment API using a ‘Courier Neo’ -style courier integration.

018427: New column for Company Classification in Debtors and Creditors screen

A new column has been added to the [ Accounts | Debtors and Creditors ] grid which will show the Company Classification of the related record.

018425: Foreign Currency Bank Revaluation Improvements

An additional warning is now in place when revaluing a Foreign Bank Account, which will trigger when the Trial Balance To date is not the same as the Posting date.

018405: Extend the Export to CSV option from the Accounts/Nominal Accounts/Detail grid

The [ Accounts | Nominal Accounts  | trial Balance ] > Context > Export Transaction Detail CSV function has been extended to include new fields.

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