Khaos Control Version 8.178

018941: Channels 2.0 - Implement barcode matching support for level uploads

KCSL has introduced new functionality to facilitate barcode matching on channels 2.0 integrations.

019217: Amazon Logistics - changes to Pack Boxes dialog

The Pack Boxes dialog within Khaos Control has been changed to allow control over which box a Move With parent item is assigned to when using the Amazon Logistics integration.

018742: Packing and scanning improvements

Additional scanning functionality has been included in Sales Invoice Manager allowing stock items, packaging and couriers to be scanned in one field.

019108: PII Data - User Profile Enhancements

Khaos Control has been developed such that a User Permission exists, without which the User cannot see any data identifying the Customer.

019194: Courier Integration: DPD Brexit mapping

KCSL have modified the DPD Ship @ Ease integration to include more mandatory fields in the export file.

018611: Pay account balance via web services

A method has been added to enable customer's to pay off their account balance via the web services.

Support Tickets

00019056: Discrepancy between amazon order file and what's displaying in Khaos Control

Requires Update: SOrders sent down by Amazon will now respect the net / tax split sent down by Amazon rather than re-calculating this value.

000199D3: Drop ship items displaying incorrectly on reports

Drop ship items will be correctly excluded from the packing dialog if not stock controlled

0001990E: No longer populate the Fax field automatically

The Fax field is no longer automatically populated by the first 5 digits of the Telephone Number.

000198B8: Customer payment does not have a bank account on the statement

Bank accounts will hide correctly in the payment grid now

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