Khaos Control Version 8.200

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This page lists all the new development associated with Khaos Control Version 8.200. This information is originally displayed on the What's New page. This page is listed on the What's New - Archive page.


021190: Add barcode scan to the WHC Location Movements screen

The stock code field in the Warehouse Perform Location Movements screen, accepts different inputs for stock barcodes, for example Other Ref, Barcode.

021198: Auto-Processing of dropship orders

New functionality has been added so that when direct dropship orders are raised through Khaos Control, the associated Sales Order will be processed to the ISSUE stage of the Sales Invoice Manager automatically, see How To: Automatically Process Drop-Ship Sales Orders. The dropship will be "booked in" as soon as it's been raised and therefore Khaos Control will have access to auto-pick the order immediately. Other SIM movement restrictions should be ignored.
Note: This will only apply to orders which are 100% dropship direct with a delivered PO.

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