Khaos Control Version 8.208

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INFORMATION icon The following new development is enabled by default.

022025: Add Image Type to the stock import tool

The Image Type has been added into the available fields in stock import file. Using this option, imported stock will update the Images grid in [ Stock | Detail | Telesales / Internet | Primary ] tab. If the Image Type doesn't already exist, it will also be added to the [ System Data | Image Types ].

022266: Modify the pickingticket_note to accept rich text

The picking ticket note has been modified to allow rich text (including Unicode symbols, emoji's and foreign characters). The following areas will now support the new rich text characters:

021546: Add picking list note to the packing dialog

A read only field has been added for the [Delivery Note / Picking List Note] in the Pack Boxes dialog. This is the Delivery/Picking List note from the [ Sales Order | Notes ] tab.

022052: Builds into multiple locations

The stock build dialog has been updated to allow the total amount of built parent items to be split over multiple locations when the stock is built.

022170: Extend NWD to Purchase Orders

NWD (Non-working days) have been extended to Purchase Orders.

022367: Resize text UDA box

The character limit for Text type UDA's has been updated to 8000 characters.

022048: Add separate permission for Stock UDA`s

A separate permission has been added to [ System Data | User Permissions ] so users not longer have to have Admin permission to create and edit stock UDA's.
Note: Admin users have permission to edit UDAs regardless of whether the Edit UDAs is ticked in their profile.

022309: New Stock Fields added for Packaging Waste

Lets users setup packing details (weights) so they can report on this and submit their packaging reports to the Government.

022184: Add Associated Reference to the main filters in SIM

The Associated Ref, and Stock Code lookup have been added to the main filters above the grid in the [ Sales Invoice Manager | Detail | Staged Processing ].

021974: Introduce a distinct Configure Grid option to Users

Using Configure Grids now has its own permission, instead of being reliant on the Admin permission.

INFORMATION icon The following options are not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information. There will be additional costs involved if the following new functionality is enabled.

022305: Consignments Improvements

The following filters have been added to the Consignments List screen:

  • Supplier
  • Status
  • Delivered

This option is included when the consignments development has been enabled.

021373: Warehouse Location changes

Introduces automatic decision logic to goods in, based on location volumes, and the concept of fast/slow moving stock. This option is included when the Warehouse Control development has been enabled.

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