Khaos Control Version 8.211

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INFORMATION icon The following new development is enabled by default.

Changes to Grid Configuration

It is now easier to see if a column heading is hidden by default and if a column has been hidden.

022456: Add Due Date to the GRN bottom grid

The Due Date from the Purchase Order grid has been added as the Due Date on the bottom grid of the GRN screen.

022366: Modifications to Supplier Return

The [ Supplier Returns | List ] screen has the following added to the grid; Net Total, Gross Total and User.

022543: Supplier Availability (Webservice Modification)

The stock Supplier Availability from the [ Stock | Detail | Suppliers ] screen has been added to the Stock Lookup dialog and the [ Stock | List ] screen.

022807: Make changes to Show Archived on Company Statement

The date functionality on the top section of the [ Customer / Supplier | Statement ] screen is available to select before the Show Archived checkbox is ticked.

022672: Add SITE to ExportOrderStatusEx

The site an order is assigned to (sorder.site_id) has been added to the ExportOrderStatusEx export for V1 XML webservices.

022690: Packing Restriction

The Pack Boxes dialog has been modified so that users can't complete the packing or press [OK] until all items on an order have been packed. An option in [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Sales | Invoice Management ] Packing enables this option.
Note: This option is not compatible with Link Stock/Packaging and should not be used if that feature is enabled within System Data.

022677: Allow scanned packing to move single qty

When using the Pack Boxes dialog, the user can choose whether a single amount or the full amount is packed when a stock item is scanned, or a barcode is entered. An option in [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Stock | Warehousing ] controls this functionality.

022791: Modify the new contact creation within Sales Order

A contact telephone field has been added to the new contact dialog on the [ Sales Order | Detail | Addresses ] tab.

022730: Write off credits en-masse

You can now write off credits en-masse, see How To: Write off credits en-masse.

022016: Add build calculations to Advanced Re-Ordering

Advanced Reordering has been changed so that users can opt stock items into advance build/child item calculations based on the Parent Sales demand and Child Sales Demand.

INFORMATION icon The following options are not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information. There will be additional costs involved if the following new functionality is enabled.

021975 Prevent allocation of stock to part-fulfillable Move Withs (Packs)

A new option can prevent any stock being assigned to a move with relationship, if the entire relationship cannot be fulfilled. This includes when booking in purchase orders where there is still not enough stock to create complete Move Withs (Packs) when assigning to backorders.

022797: Improve POrder Import Tool

The Purchase Order Import Tool has been enhanced so that Importing .tsv files which have multiple Purchase Order codes for a supplier, will create a Purchase Order for each unique Purchase Order code.

022616: Consignments improvements

In the [ Consignment | Detail | Consignment ] screen there are two new fields in the setup area, Arrival Date and Expected Due Date, and the quantity column has the total at the bottom.

This option is included when the Consignments development has been enabled.

022376: Replenishment Improvements

The Replenishment screen in the System Warehouse screen has been modified to allow replenishment items to be assigned to a user for better traceability. This option must be enabled.

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