Khaos Control Version 8.216

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022973 Adding Quick Stock Entry function to [ Stock item / pricelist] screen

The Quick Stock, Ctrl+Q has been added to the the following Price List grids:

022569 Allow actual weight to override exported weight for DPD Neo

KCSL will modify the export data for DPD to allow the actual weight from the [Confirm Shipment] dialog to override the total Shipment Weight, ONLY when the order is not a commercial invoice (I.E not going outside the UK), see Courier Options Dialog - DPD Ship@Ease.

022652 BrainTree bank reconciliation

KCSL have created a BrainTree reconciliation import which imports the provided file from BrainTree to reconcile the bank account in Khaos Control see How To: Reconcile BrainTree Payments via Import.

INFORMATION icon The following options are not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information. There will be additional costs involved if the following new functionality is enabled.

022958 Request to have the colour legend work on SO quotations

KCSL will change the behaviour of Khaos Control, so quotations work the same way as normal Sales Orders in terms of the colour legend. The colour legend applies to the grid for Sales Orders of type ‘Quotation’. In particular for those where there is not enough stock available to fully assign a particular stock item. The colour highlight for 'Not assigned but stock available will not appear for Quotations.

022876: Add Physical Qty to SIM Grid

KCSL have added a new column to the grid of the SIM, for the physical QTY on the order (not including non-physical stock items).

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