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What is a Sysop?

Administrators, commonly known as admins and also called sysops (system operators), are editors who have access to technical features ("tools") that help with maintenance. For example, administrators can protect and delete pages, block other editors, and undo these actions as well (see the Group Rights page for a more complete list). While the tools granted to administrators are technical and do not convey authority per se, administrators are people that are entrusted with potentially harmful tools.

Sysops monitor the content of this wiki for accuracy and relevance of the content to Khaos Control Solutions customer base. One of their main duties is to ensure that new topics are properly indexed and categorized - vital for the content to be easily accessible.

Who are the Sysops?

Currently, while basic content is still being added, we are keeping the number of sysops to a minimum and currently there are only 13. An automatically updated list is available here.

Once the wiki has matured sufficiently so that we can produce a proper guide to its indexing and categorization, the sysop team may be extended to other members of Khaos Control Solutions staff and some of our customers.

How do I become a Sysop?

By invitation from Khaos Control Solutions Limited.

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