Khaos Control Support

Getting Started with Khaos Control

This section covers the basics of Khaos Control such as: managing users, error reporting and user interface instructions.

Customers & Suppliers

Create and mange your customer and suppliers within Khaos Control. Assign pricelists, adjust addresses and explore order history.


Create and mange stock, update levels with adjustments and get started with warehouse management.

Channels, Web Services & Web Categories

Connect multiple marketplaces and websites, mange listings and import orders automatically.

Handheld Terminals (HHT)

Get started with HHTs and use Khaos Control's functionality on the go within a warehouse.

Orders & Sales

Create and manage sales orders, proformas, quotations and credit notes.

Business Reporting

Produce real time reports on sales, purchasing, and overall business performance.

Emailing & Email Manager

Create automated email workflows to send to customers and suppliers.

CRM, Leads & Mailings

Take a look at leads, opportunities, tasks and create appointments for the daily running of your business.


Setup and explore the functionality that Khaos Control's EPOS platform can offer.


Manage how your business pays tax, split payments into different bank accounts for easier accounting and more.


If you have had custom development, check out any guides available for it.