Training Terms

We recommend Khaos Control Training be delivered from our purpose-built training suite at our offices, where lunch and course material are included.

1. Booking Process

All bookings are processed on a first come, first served basis.

Training sessions may be provisionally booked by telephone, via your PCO or by email and will be reserved for a maximum of five working days. Sessions will remain provisional until the receipt of a Booking Request Form.

Client completes all relevant sections of the booking request form, indicating an alternative choice of date if possible. Please note if we do not receive the booking forms in the above timescale, we will assume you no longer require the day(s) specified and the dates may be offered to other companies.

Email the booking request form. A separate form is required for each training session.

Khaos Control will send you confirmation and a map after processing your booking form. A hotel information sheet is available on request. Please note your booking should only be taken as confirmed, upon receipt of this confirmation.

If your course date is unavailable and an alternative date is indicated on your booking form, we will automatically book you for your second preference. Where we are unable to meet either of your training dates we will inform you of available dates around this period.

2. Cancellation Policy

Khaos Control operates a cancellation policy as follows:

3. Training on Client’s Site – Environment

We recognise that in exceptional circumstances you may be unable to visit us for your training sessions. Khaos Control Solutions is committed to providing high-quality training and it is important to us that the training environment is conducive to learning. Therefore, we ask that you agree to the following conditions before we can consider training at your requested location:

4. Training on Client’s Site – System Setup

KCSL has a fully supported training environment at their Grantham offices to ensure the customer learning experience is positive. While we can offer training at the customer’s premises, KCSL cannot take responsibility, nor provide any guarantee of access, to the necessary training databases and other resources which are required to undertake successful training.

KCSL therefore cannot accept liability for any lost training time which is the result of disruptions, training systems and/or other resources not being available at the customer’s premises for any reason. Any training time lost as a result of disruptions or delays accessing training resources onsite, will remain chargeable to the customer and further charges will be applicable if additional training time is required.

You will be asked to access all the necessary training resources within five working days of the training taking place to ensure that you can log on and use any training resources. You will need to confirm that you are able to use the training resources otherwise the training will not go ahead.

5. Ad-Hoc Training

When booking ad-hoc training you are required to provide an agenda covering all the topics/areas of the system you would like the trainer to cover during the session. This MUST be received by Khaos Control Solutions Ltd no later than one week before the training is due to take place.

The trainer will confirm with you that the training as per your agenda can be covered within the agreed timescale.

Failure to provide an agenda may result in your training date being postponed.

6. Remote Training

Remote training is subject to the same terms, conditions, and prerequisites as defined above. We are able to accommodate up to four people on a remote or phone based training session.

7. Training Charges

Training is charged at our standard service rate, with chargeable time being rounded up to the next full hour, and is subject to a minimum of two hours. Charges are based on time used rather than time booked. Any preparation or administration time is also chargeable, however we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.