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The Accounts Integration in Khaos Control allows you to ingrate with accounting packages, currently Xero and Quickbooks.

To access Accounts Integration area, Display the drop-down 'Other Actions' menu either by pressing F9 or clicking the down arrow immediately to the right of the The green circle with a white cross icon on the button bar opens the "Other Actions" menu green circle with a white cross icon at the top of the button bar.

There are three tabs plus the Actions button:

What can you do if you integrate with an accounts package?

When integrated with an accounting package (Quickbooks or Xero) there are some processes that must be performed in order for your accounting software to syncronise with Khaos Control. Some processes must be performed in your accounts package, see below.

What can sync between the systems?

All sales invoices as well any prepayments such as credit card payments, all purchase invoices, all credit notes and customer / supplier information relating to these documents as well as a limited number of stock items.
Note: We do not recommend syncing stock items with your accounting package.

Basic summary

  • Invoices go from Khaos Control to Xero.
  • Payments come from Xero into Khaos Control.
  • Credit note allocation needs to be done in Khaos Control and Xero.
  • Journals should be done in Xero.

In detail:

  • Prepayments against sales orders do upload to Xero and allocate to the invoice Khaos Control uploaded previously. This will handle splitting the payment to multiple part shipped invoices. The payment cannot be sent until we know the invoice is in Xero, ready for allocation. These sales prepayments are the only payments we send to Xero.
  • Download Payments from Xero, this include sales AND purchase payments. They will create themselves in Khaos Control and allocate back to the original invoice (if it was uploaded by us to Xero).
  • The user cannot create payments in Khaos Control when Xero is on. If they do disable the integration and create a payment, then that payment will not transfer to Xero.
  • Credit note allocations DO NOT send their allocations in either direction and have to be done manually in both in systems.

How to use the integration

It is only when you have issued a sales invoice or posted a purchase invoice that the system will make it available to export to your accounting software. It is not possible to export quotations and proforma orders as these are not an invoice.
Note: the system does not export or import credit note allocations, only payment allocations.

What tasks should be done in my accounts software?

Whilst Khaos Control has a fully accredited inbuilt accounts package, but if you're integrating with an external package payments on account (for both suppliers and customers), bank reconciliation, journals entries and tax returns must be performed on your integrated accounts software as these entries do not sync between the two systems. SP Ledger entries may be entered on either system however any created in your accounting package will NOT import to Khaos Control. Debt management operations should be carried out primarily on your accounting package remembering to stop sales orders within Khaos Control for the customer where necessary.

What tasks should be done in Khaos Control?

Creation of sales and purchase invoices should always be done within Khaos Control as full details of these can be exported. Duplicates of these documents should also always be provided from Khaos Control to ensure accurate order details.

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