How To: Create New Customer with a BFPO Address

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Customers with BFPO addresses need the following format for their address according to the British Forces Website:

Field name
Full Name Service Number, Rank and Name 1234567 Pte Joe Bloggs
Address line 1 Company or Unit 1st Battalion, Scots Guards
Town Regiment or Operation Number Operation KIPION
Postcode BFPO number BFPO 639
Country Always "United Kingdom" United Kingdom


  1. Do not include the destination town or country name in the address.
  2. Always ensure the BFPO number is printed on the last line.
    The country name "United Kingdom" is automatically suppressed so that it does not appear anywhere in the address, leaving the BFPO number as the last line of the address.

Creating a New BFPO Customer

When creating a new retail customer with a BFPO address, the address fields need to be completed as in the above example.

HM Customs & Excise

For all BFPO destinations where mail contains goods (regardless of value and whether the BFPO destination is within the EU), Royal Mail require a completed and signed customs declaration (CN22 or CN23) to be attached to the outside of the item.

According to the Royal Mail website HM Customs and Excise pay particular attention to all HM Forces Mail, arriving in or leaving the UK. It is important that the sender correctly fills in and signs the declaration on Customs label CN22/CN23. Local Customs authorities at overseas bases may also have the right to examine mail addressed to HM Forces and may make charges under local regulations.

How you setup and deal with VAT for BFPO customers depends on where they are located; some BFPO addresses are within the UK, some are in the EU and others outside both. Those within the UK pay the UK VAT just like any other UK customers. For those outside the UK but based within the EU please see Section 14 (Supplies to privileged persons in other EC Member States) of the VAT Notice 725: the single market.

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