How To: Generate New Stock Items and Link Existing Stock Items to a Parent SCS Item

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Generating new stock items and linking existing stock items to a parent SCS item is an Advanced User feature.

Khaos Control allows users to link existing stock items to a parent SCS item and also add both generated child stock items and existing stock items to a parent SCS item.

This has several benefits, for example grouping together similar items makes it easier to upload them to a web site as the parent item will bring with it all its child items. When adding the parent item to a sales order the SCS matrix allows users to see associated items and filter on by caption.


  • Existing child items that are associated with the Parent SCS item:
    • Keep their stock code and this overrides any information entered against the SK column in the elements.
    • The parent stock code and description are not used except for the parent item.
    • Child stock items can ONLY be associated (linked to) ONE SCS Element.
    • A value in the SCS grid that is already associated with an existing stock item CANNOT have any sub-values (i.e. items in the grid to the right.
  • Child items that are setup and generated in the Parent SCS item:
    • Require the SK code column to be added.
    • Example Code to be added so the individual stock items can be generated.
  • The Caption and Value are used in the SCS matrix when filtering for child SCS items.
  • Child items that are associated with an existing stock item or have been generated have a mauve background in the SCS Element grids.
  • Child stock items will not be generated for a child item already associated with an existing stock item.
  • To delete a child item that has been associated with a parent SCS item see How To: Remove Child Items Associated with a Parent Stock Item.

Creating a new Parent Stock Item

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Press Ctrl+N or click the New item icon is the button bar's NEW button .
  3. Define the parent item (stock code, description, pricing and stock types).
  4. Remember to de-select Stock Controlled.
  5. Click 'Yes' to the Are you SURE dialog box.
  6. Click 'Yes' to the warning/information dialog box.
  7. Khaos Control saves the SCS parent item.
  8. Click on the BtnDefineSCS2X.jpg button.
  9. This loads the Size, Colour, Style dialog box.

Create the First Element

  1. For each element required, enter a name/description for the Element in the Caption field.
  2. Click BtnNewItemOld.jpg (Ctrl + N) to create a blank line and enter:
    • Value
    • Reorder Qty
    • SK code
  3. Repeat this process for each individual instance of the first Element.
    Note: for the existing stock items the values will not be used but will help the user note which stock item to link to a value.

Creating Extra Elements

  1. Follow the above to create extra Elements.
  2. Where the values will remain the same for each instance of an Element, the Buffer window may be used to copy and paste values. To do this:
    • Select the items in the Element window to be copied and re-used.
    • Drag and drop them into the Buffer window, above the Element window.
    • Select the instance in the previous Element window that the items are to be copied to.
    • Select BtnSelectSCS.jpg to select all of the items in the Buffer window (or select some of the items by using Ctrl + Click).
    • Select BtnGreenDownArrowSCS.jpg to populate the Element window.

Associate an Existing Stock Item with a Value

  1. Focus on the Value (line) and right-click.
  2. From the Context Menu select 'Create Association'.
  3. From the stock lookup dialog select the stock item you wish to link the first line to.
  4. The line will turn mauve.
  5. Repeat this process to associate an existing item of stock with a value in an Element.

Format the Stock Code and Description for the Children

  1. Click BtnAddExample.jpg.
  2. Replace the SKCODE with the parent's stock code (suggested).
  3. Replace DESC with a short description for the child items.

Generate the Child Stock Items

  1. Click on the More setup button button.
  2. Click on the Generate Stock Items button button.
  3. Click on Yes to the two prompts.
  4. When all the child items have been associated with the parent item, click on OK.

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