How To: Use ChangeLog to apply Khaos Control Updates

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What Is Change Log?

We have provided you with a stand-alone utility program (called "ChangeLog.exe") that allows your system administrator to download and apply updates to your Khaos Control system. This application allows remote support of your system in the fact that fixes and general updates can be uploaded to a secure location and then downloaded and applied to your system by the user themselves.

General Instructions

WARNING: Always use the correct shortcut to run ChangeLog.exe – shortcuts are normally installed in the "K:\KeystoneSoftwareUTILS\Shortcuts" folder.

ChangeLog can be run either from the server or any networked client PC that has Khaos Control installed and can connect both to Khaos Control's database and also to Khaos Control's Internet website. The required shortcut(s) can be found in the directory "K:\KeystoneSoftwareUTILS\Shortcuts".

Note: If your system has more than one Khaos Control database installed (e.g. KHAOS_TESTING) you must run ChangeLog from the correct shortcut icon. This is because the shortcut icon contains a parameter string that tells ChangeLog which database to use.

When you run ChangeLog you will see there are a number of buttons available. The only one that you need to be concerned with is the "Wizard" button. This is the button used to download and apply updates to your system. The other buttons and options within ChangeLog are in place for administrator/support use and can effectively be ignored.

Applying an update using ChangeLog's wizard is done in two phases:

  • In Phase 1, it connects to Khaos Control's Internet website to download the update (each update comprises a text-based control file and a zipped archive containing program executables and other components); and
  • Phase 2 applies the changes contained within the update to your Khaos Control system.

Applying An Update

In order to apply an update to your system using ChangeLog, please use the following as a guide:

  1. Ensure that ALL users are logged out of the Khaos Control system you are about to update (logged-in users are shown in Khaos Control's Help About dialog) and that no-one has the initial 'splash' or 'login' screen showing.
    Note: those users with the login splash screen open will not be shown as being logged in, but will still affect the update and must close the splash screen too before you proceed.
  2. Run the correct ChangeLog shortcut and select "Wizard".
  3. Select "Start" to begin the update process.
  4. (An information box will now be displayed giving you a general overview on what is involved with performing an update). Read through this and Select "Ok" to commence.
  5. You will now be asked to confirm whether you are applying this update from the server itself. If you are using the server then select "Yes". Alternatively, if you are running ChangeLog on a client PC select "No".
  6. You have just completed Phase 1 of the update! Before starting Phase 2 you may wish to confirm that all users are still logged out of Khaos Control.
  7. Select "OK" to begin Phase 2 of the update.
  8. ChangeLog will now start applying any changes contained within the update to your system (this may take a few minutes depending upon the speed of your system and the size of your database).
  9. When Phase 2 of the update is completed you will receive a confirmation pop-up stating "Auto update complete".
  10. Your update is now complete! Please let your users know they can now log back in to Khaos Control and begin using the updated version.

Testing System

Where a customer has a KHAOS_TESTING system installed, we recommend using it to test all updates before applying them to the live KHAOS system. To do this:

  1. Apply and test the update in your Testing System...
    1. Get everyone to logout of the KHAOS_TESTING system (logged-in users are shown in Khaos Control's Help About dialog) and check that no-one has the initial 'splash' or 'login' screen showing.
      Note: those users with the login splash screen open will not be shown as being logged in, but will still affect the update and must close the splash screen too before you proceed.
    2. Run CopyLive2Test on the server. This will overwrite the KHAOS_TESTING application and database with a copy of your live KHAOS system. Users can continue working on the live system whilst you are doing this, but everyone must be logged out of KHAOS_TESTING.
    3. Run "ChangeLog TESTING" to download and apply the update to your KHAOS_TESTING system.
    4. Logon to "KhaosControl KHAOS_TESTING" and ensure that the required fixes/developments included in the update work as expected; you may also wish to perform regression testing on any main processes to ensure the fixes/development do not adversely impact them.
      CAUTION: Ensure that any interfaces to your card services provider, courier, etc. are set to "test" mode before exercising any functions that use those interfaces.
  2. Once you are satisfied that the update is working correctly...
    1. Get everyone to logout of the live KHAOS system (logged-in users are shown in Khaos Control's Help About dialog).
    2. Run "ChangeLog" to download and apply the update to your live KHAOS system.
    3. Logon to your live "KhaosControl" system and check the update has applied correctly.
    4. Tell users they can login and continue working.

Updates FAQ

Where do I need to apply the update from?

You can apply your update either from your server itself, or any PC that has access to the internet as well as your server (through your specific network). We generally recommend applying phase two of the update directly from your server - although this is not vital.

Where can I find my server?

Your server is the computer within your network that has the Khaos Control databases contained within it.

Understanding the Update Notification Email

Once there is an updated version of Khaos Control fully prepared and ready for you to download and apply we will send you an email notification to inform you that the update is ready, as well as including all of the details of the updated version. This will include your new version number as well as all of the major changes that are included in the update (such as resolved support tickets as well as included development items).

The new version number that is provided within your email notification can be used in order to check that your update has been applied successfully. You will see that your current Khaos Control version number is always displayed towards the top left hand corner of the screen. This should match the version number within your confirmation email once the update has been applied.

As well as informing you of what is included in the update, the notification will also include a comprehensive list of your outstanding support items, highlighting the stage at which these currently stand. These are added for your own reference to provide you with a general overview of your support issues.

Troubleshooting - When Updates go Wrong

Occasionally you may experience certain issues with applying your update. These can occur for a variety of reasons, and should generate error messages. Please contact Khaos Control's Support Desk should you experience any difficulties downloading and applying updates.

Network Errors

If your Internet access is restricted, such that ChangeLog is unable to download files during Phase 1, you may see either a "302 (Defer)" or a "404 (Not found)" error.

If either of these errors occur during Phase 1, please contact your network technical support people and ask for their help. You should tell them that the ChangeLog program uses the HTTP/1.0 protocol (in certain cases FTP is used but this is largely diminished at the current time) to connect to in order to:

  1. Self-update; and
  2. Download the two files (one a text file, the other a zipped archive) necessary for the Khaos Control update itself.

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