Khaos Control Version 8.213

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INFORMATION icon The following new development is enabled by default.

022873: Add PO# to the Sales Invoice Manager grid

The purchase order number as entered against the sales order in the [ Sales Orders | Details | Additional ] tab has been added as a column in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ].

022386: Allow the Royal Mail Click & Drop `Customs Declaration Category` field to be populated

When using Royal Mail Click and Drop couriers the ‘Customs Declaration Category’ field can be populated.

This option is included when the Royal Mail Click & Drop development has been enabled.

022193: Channels 2.0 - Amazon SP API Orders implementation

The method of communication by which Khaos Control retrieves Amazon orders is changing from MWS Orders API (Merchant Web Services) to SP API (Selling Partner). This change-over is mandatory and will be enforced by Amazon after 31st July 2022. Any systems still using MWS at this time will cease to be able to retrieve new Amazon orders. Other features of Amazon using the MWS API are also scheduled to be mothballed by Amazon before the end of 2022.
For the moment you will have to register with Amazon for MWS Orders API and SP API.
The Authorise button allows you to acquire an OAUTH token for the SP API. See:

INFORMATION icon The following options are not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information. There will be additional costs involved if the following new functionality is enabled.

022483: SP ledger functionality to be further extended to also support Customer / Sales Reverse Charge manual invoices and credits

CIS Domestic Reverse Charge VAT has been added into the system for both customers and suppliers, see HMRC Check when you must use the VAT reverse charge for building and construction services.

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