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Display the drop-down 'Other Actions' menu either by pressing F9 or clicking the down arrow immediately to the right of the The green circle with a white cross icon on the button bar opens the "Other Actions" menu green circle with a white cross icon at the top of the button bar. The following functions are available:

  • Copy Catalogue: this allows the catalogue that is currently displayed to be copied. This is only active in the [ Promotion | Catalogue ] screen when a catalogue is loaded. Copied catalogues have the same code but have '(copy)' added to their description.
  • Update Stock Sell Prices with Cat Prices: updates the stock sell price in the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] tab from the selected catalogues stock item sale price.
    Note: this should be used with extreme caution.
  • Copy to new Keycode: copies the current Keycode to a new one. This option is only applicable in the [ Promotion | Keycodes ] tab.
  • Copy to new B.O.G.O.F: copies the current B.O.G.O.F to a new one, see How To: Copy an existing BOGOF. This option is only applicable in the [ Promotion | B.O.G.O.F ] tab.
  • Import/Export:

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