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This What's New page details all new development available in the standard system for the current and previous versions.

What's New Archive

For older versions please see What's New - Archive which lists previous versions.

What's New in Channels 2.0

To see what's new and what's coming up for Channels 2.0 please see Channels 2.0 What's New and Channels 2.0 Coming Soon.


020251: Add Handling Time to Amazon Check Availability call - Chan 1.0

Amazon Channels 1.0 channels may now be set to upload the Handling Time on a per-item basis with a default value as a fallback.

019979: Allow the import of Shopify Gift Vouchers through Channels 2.0

Khaos Control can now import Shopify gift cards as items on sales orders, without using the VOUCHER stock item, and redeem them as payment.

020038: Integration with PriSync

KCSL have integrated with PriSync allowing automatic price matching via the PriSync API.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

020178: Add required date to purchase manager stages

KCSL have made modifications to the [ Purchase Manager ] Screen.


020275: Add ability to link documents to stock items for emails

This new functionality allows users of Khaos Control to link stock specific attachments to an email.

019694: Allow a user to change the default date range for PO and SO

Saved filters can now be saved and set as default and applied to the Sales Order, Purchase Order and Stock List screens.

020202: Add Delivery Date Filter to Stock Re-Ordering (Standard)

The SO Delivery Date has been added as a filter to the [ Stock | ReOrdering (Standard) ] screen.

020294: Add a way to import consignment numbers from file

KCSL have implemented a method to import courier consignment references against Sales Orders.

Coming Soon

The following improvements to the system will be coming soon; the version is yet to be determined.

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