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This What's New page details all new development available in the standard system for the current and previous versions.

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For older versions please see What's New - Archive which lists previous versions.

What's New in Channels 2.0

To see what's new and what's coming up for Channels 2.0 please see Channels 2.0 What's New and Channels 2.0 Coming Soon.


018928: Import orders into Khaos Control based on Site Assignment Hierarchy

Changes have been made that allow users to specify a hierarchy for stock assignment when a sales order is imported through Channels, KSDMU, via FTP, or website.

018997: Move With stock items to show true availability to Channels

[ Channels 1.0 ] - The ‘In Stock’ figure for Move With Stock Items can now be sent up to Amazon / eBay.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018696: Process change on Delivery Note Consolidated Purchase Invoice

Colour coding has been introduced to the Purchase Invoice to help the User, particularly when Consolidating the Invoice.

018583: Improve the Discount Net column in the Invoices tab in Sales Summary

The Discount Net column in the [ Sales Summary | Invoices ] screen will display the full Sales Order discount amount.

018889: Expose Country of Manufacture via Standard Web Services

Country of Manufacture is now included in the response from webservice call ExportStock.

017903: Add Basic Labels to SIM right-click

Functionality has been added to the Sales Invoice Manager to allow printing of Basic Report Labels.

018972: Create generic combined picking sheet for deployment

The Combined Pick Sheet can now be designed using Basic Reports.

018890: Changes to DHL output fields

Two additional information fields (INCO Code and INCO Description) have been added in the System Data INCO Terms grid. These additional data fields will added to Sales Order data that is exported via the DHL courier integration.

Support Tickets

00019343: Adestra Contact Query - E-mails not being sent

We have modified the standard ImportCompany operation such that if the EmailSubscriber tag is not provided for a company/contact update request then the subscriber status will remain unchanged. For new contacts the default state will still be "unsubscribed".

0001961C: Channels 2.0 - Shopify order not importing

Order notes will now be truncated to fit within the field sizes on import. This means the order can still be imported, and the note can later be reviewed once it's in the system.

====000196C8: Bank Rec - close to working. Improvements to the bank import process in general. If a transaction item has already been matched to a journal you will receive an error and be prevent from proceeding. The green selection is now cleared on both bank import matching grids after a successful match.

000192D9: Channels 2.0 - Order unable to be imported due to address being too long

Couldn't recreate actual import issue, even when force importing to a KCC database locally, but have added notifications to Channels 2.0 orders to suggest they've been truncated

00019729: Batch-controlled items must have a non-zero level in a location for that location to be available on a GRN

The code-only (controller) option that specified whether zero-qty lcoations were shown by default has now been made into a system value.

000193C1: Channels 2.0 - Improve Stock Status upload to not get stuck on the same items every time

Stock Status upload will now loop through results until all statuses have been sent up.

00019609: Out of memory in nominal export

The Export Transaction Detail facility has been optimised to break the requested information into smaller chunks when pulling it from the database, but also to save after each chunk is processed, this reduces the memory footprint of the whole operation when handling large date spans or high numbers of selected nominals.

00019742: Posting into ledgers after close

The SP ledger closed period checks have been improved to ensure that sale/purchase transaction dates will be checked even if the chosen nominal is not specifically a sale / purchase type, but the root transaction is.

0001932C System Freeze while doing an allocation

Improvements have been made to the Cancel Allocation mechanism specifically in relation to complex multi-allocation loss/gain transactions to avoid an exponential number of transactions being reversed as a result and causing a system crash.

00019384 Orders without a stage in invoice manager

To prevent this problem two new validation checks have been implemented for general sales invoice movements when moving to a sub-stage and when saving invoice rules, the sub-stage is validated to ensure it still exists prior to saving any rule modifications.

00019795: Indication of programmer error when creating a new catalogue request

Error messages improved for catalogue requests


018897: UK Vat EU sales figures Box 6 and Box 8

Additional reports on EU VAT returns are available for those using Country Specific VAT.

018855: Move Customisation from One Section to Another in One Click

A new button will allow users to move the configuration of a customisation setup from one section to another.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018835: Include new tag for Contact Mob Tel in Email Templates

The Contact Mobile number has been added to the Available tags in the Email Manager Template. The new tag has been added to the Invoices trigger type and will export either the:

  • Invoice Address contact mobile number...or
  • Delivery Address contact mobile number.

018655: When order is imported from Web, if the order doesn't contain a telephone or email, it should not match on them

The webservice import of Sales orders has been updated so that blank email and telephone values are not used when matching records.

017270: Add last 90 days sales column to Stock Reordering screen

The new column called Total Sales Previous Qtr has been added to the [ Stock | Reordering | Reordering (Standard) ] Screen. The new column will show the units of the stock item that were sold in the previous quarter. The Total Sales Previous Qtr column will not factor in any returned items or items on a Proforma order until the proforma order is converted into a Sales Order.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

019033: Change KSDMU Move_Invoice process to version with auth-card

The KSDMU Action Move_Invoice can now Authorise Payment with a Payment Service Provider.

018711: New functionality for Auto-Build process when using Warehouse Control

The Auto Build functionality has been modified so that automatically built items that come from a single location will be placed into this same location again once built.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018811: Courier Integration: Click and Collect

Royal Mail Click and Collect courier integration is now available.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018916: Modification to Web Config Categories Stock Grid

It is now possible to change the order of stock items in the web categories stock grid by dragging and dropping

019103: Sales Order TSV Importer Tool

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

019040: Groupon Order Import and Shipping Notification Export

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018590: Improve error handling for workflow reports so customers can deal with problems

Support Tickets

00019056: Discrepancy between amazon order file and what's displaying in Khaos Control

Requires Update: SOrders sent down by Amazon will now respect the net / tax split sent down by Amazon rather than re-calculating this value.

000199D3: Drop ship items displaying incorrectly on reports

Drop ship items will be correctly excluded from the packing dialog if not stock controlled

0001990E: No longer populate the Fax field automatically

The Fax field is no longer automatically populated by the first 5 digits of the Telephone Number.

000198B8: Customer payment does not have a bank account on the statement

Bank accounts will hide correctly in the payment grid now

Coming Soon

The following improvements to the system will be coming soon; the version is yet to be determined.

018611: Pay account balance via web services

A method has been added to enable customer's to pay off their account balance via the web services.

017842: Secure Trading modification - allow processing of returns postage as part of refund amount

An extension has been added to the Secure Trading PSP integration to facilitate full order refunds, including postage.

018769: MyDPD Import spec: Multiple boxes

The DPD Ship@Ease integration has been changed so that it works with the Pack Boxes functionality in the Sales Invoice Manger.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018590: Improve error handling for workflow reports so customers can deal with problems

Error handling for workflow reports has been improved so customers can understand what the problems are and deal with them.

019217: Amazon Logistics - changes to Pack Boxes dialog

019011: Text Message Service within Khaos Control - Email to SMS - VooDoo Email

New functionality will be added to Email Manager to allow users to take advantage of the VooDoo Email to SMS service.

018742: Packing and scanning improvements

Additional scanning functionality has been included in Sales Invoice Manager allowing stock items, packaging and couriers to be scanned in one field.

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