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This What's New page details all new development available in the standard system for the current and previous versions.

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For older versions please see What's New - Archive which lists previous versions.

What's New in Channels 2.0

To see what's new and what's coming up for Channels 2.0 please see Channels 2.0 What's New and Channels 2.0 Coming Soon.


019348: Add Bank Name to supplier payments screen

The bank account name from the [ Supplier | Detail | Financial ] screen has been added to the Supplier Payments dialog.

019592: Channels 2.0 - Allow Courier Re-assess on Import to be respected

Channels 2.0 Import process has been expanded to support Courier Re-assess on Import, as per standard web import orders. This is setup in [ System Data | Couriers ], for more information see How To: Setup the System to Re-evaluate the Delivery Rate for Sales Orders.

018434: Channels 2.0. Separate Shopify order payments to different bank accounts

The Channels 2.0 integration for Shopify has been enhanced to assign a hierarchy to determine the Bank account which is applied to orders.

019116: Channels 2.0 - Improve Shopify POS order import

It is now possible for users to determine how Shopify POS orders are handled.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

019455: C2.0 - Make eBay work with GSP orders

When a Channels 2.0 order is imported into KC with the GSP option enabled, the “Ship to address” information within the import will populate the order's “Ship to address”.

019110: KCSL have provided customers with a new general Courier Neo Option

The “Note Choice” allows users to determine which note from an order will be sent to the courier.

019122: System Data Bank Accounts screen improvements

The Hide option for Bank Accounts has been improved to correctly apply to sales order payment lines. This means that when you make a payment, you can make a payment to a hidden bank account, however you wouldn't be able to report on this due to the bank account being hidden everywhere else in the system.

019128: Improve error messages within Khaos Control for warehouse systems

The error message that is displayed when trying to issue an unpicked Sales order within a Warehouse Control enabled instance of Khaos Control has been improved, see Assign Picking Location Dialog.

019207: Include web slug for use with standard web services

The Web_Slug field has been included in the web API for use with standard web services . The Web Slug is setup in [ Stock | Web Categories | Categories ] screen.

018976: Workflow reports to be able to be triggered on the Nth of the month

The Workflow Data Query Report options have been enhanced so that clients can setup reports which are sent on the Nth of the month (for example, a report which triggers on the 1st of every month).


018372 Archive process for data no longer needed in main system

018941 Channels 2.0 - Implement barcode matching support for level uploads

019034 Exclude from statement run and comm log

019131 Implement an option to change the default POSTCODE matching behaviour

019117 Improve emailer error messages

019128 Improve error messages within Khaos Control

019098 MTD system values option

019003 Sorting dynamic UDA columns in stock list - sort by text

019295 Warehouse Jobs - Unable to access the "new jobs" section when using a PPD licence

Coming Soon

The following improvements to the system will be coming soon; the version is yet to be determined.

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