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This What's New page details all new development available in the standard system for the current and previous versions.

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For older versions please see What's New - Archive which lists previous versions.

What's New in Channels 2.0

To see what's new and what's coming up for Channels 2.0 please see Channels 2.0 What's New and Channels 2.0 Coming Soon.


018367: Modify Sales Invoice Manager Rules Postcode matching to match whole Postcode

Postcode matching can now evaluate both parts of a UK postcode, on Sales Invoice Rules, Default Courier and Delivery Rates.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018305: Provide functionality to raise returns via the Web Services

Functionality has been added that enables new Return Requests to be raised via Standard Web Services; the processing of return requests will still be controlled by a back-office task.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018378: Channels 2.0. Courier Notes from Shopify

The order.Note field passed through the Shopify integration is now added into the Invoice Notes on the Sales Order created by the import.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

016671: Control access to Data Query Report screen

The Data Query Report screen has been changed so that admin users are able to control what actions other users are able to perform.

018570: Channels 2.0 - Increase stock_code length to 50

The length of the stock code has been increased to 50 characters as a result of longer stock code lengths in some channels.

018145: Accounts - prevent non-unique journal_id usage

Khaos Control Accounts have been changed to prevent non-unique journal_id usage.

018356: Courier integration: APC

APC overnight courier functionality has been added to the system.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

017692: Changes to the way Big Commerce order statuses are updated

The channels 2.0 integration has been modified and can now handle the updating of order statuses more intelligently.

018352: Change bank import to support original intention

Improvements have been made to the bank reconciliation import process.

018214: Copy sales order should support the source company being of a different currency

The copy Sales order process has been enhanced to allow copying where the source company is of a different currency, see How To: Copy a Sales Order for a Different Customer.

Support Ticket Changes

X00018782 Transfer Order Raised in Error

The [ Customer | Detail | Customer Service | Sales Orders / Invoices ] tab will now show Transfer orders as having an Order Type of ST rather than S, and Return Exchanges that have been converted to a Transfer Order will show with an Order Type of RET.

X00018506 Upsale to move with relationship wrong

Adding an Up/Cross Sell item will now always add a new line to the order rather than increasing the quantity if it is an existing item.

X0001871E Orders not showing correct price list

When prices are locked, the Price From description will now append Locked rather than overwrite with Prices Locked.

X00018542 Warning dialog style change

Users are now prevented from deleting a Delivery note where there are allocations made against a corresponding Purchase Invoice.

X00018800 Issue with final delivering items on the on order tab

The message when attempting to final deliver items that haven't been delivered is now a confirmation message so the process can be continued if required.


017405: Create import method to bring in external stock supplier levels

Khaos Control has been enhanced to allow for the importing of external supplier stock levels.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

017538: Integrate with new PSP - Pay360

Khaos Control has been enhanced to allow for integration with Pay360.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018665: Channels 2.0 - Add Action to remove custom delivery options the channel sends back

It is now possible to remove a set of Channel Specific Group Values.

016565: Modification to printer configuration - allow printing by user

The system will allow the mapping of the courier's specified printers through to Windows printers for named users.

Support Ticket Changes

0001808B: Issue with card payment being raised for voucher order

We have modified the functionality associated with the re-use card options such that if card data is entered but then the link to a viable payment is removed (and no other links exist) so too will the associated encrypted card information be cleared also. We highly recommend moving to using Token Swap to avoid the need to any card data retention where possible.

000186CA: Get Khaos Hybrid Working - CRM leads not loading on Hybrid, and extremely slow in Khaos Control.

The [ CRM Manager | Comm Log (Leads) ] screen has been optimised to improve loading times. The checkbox options “Only display most recent contact” and the Contact type filter have been changed so that when used in conjunction the entries of type email will not be displayed, instead the previous entry not of type email will be displayed. For example:

Document Dated 11/05/2019
Email Mgr dated 12/05/2019

will result in the document being displayed and not the email, so email entries are not displayed even if they were the last entry.

0001876B: Intrastat Difference

New option 'Use Legacy Totals' on the [ Accounts | Tax (VAT) | Intrastat ] screen will allow for Intrastat values to be calculated using ledger entries when unticked, or will use the current calculations when ticked.

00018ACA: Error on PO/SO transfer - 'Origin and Destination sites cannot be the same'

Creating a Depot Replenishment job for a company that has a Default Site set against it will no longer overwrite the Origin Site with the Default Site of the company record.

00018897: Ledger entry over-allocation error when running EPOS end of day

EPOS Credit Notes will no longer cause a difference in the way prices are calculated.

00018A62: Ledger entry over-allocation error when running EPOS end of day

The cost of sale excluded detection for Goods / Acquisitions has been corrected when processing Service Purchase Invoices.

00018A73: Channels 2.0 stock levels are not updating correctly

Shopify items will automatically re-sync if the internal ID at Shopify has been updated.

000188FD: Channels 2.0 - Shopify - Orders not marked as Despatched

Improvements have been made to the Sales Order Status Export process for Channels 2.0 to prevent getting stuck on large sets of orders.

00018935: FbA Orders are not moving to issue when enforce picking is enabled.

FbA and EPoS orders that are automatically moved to the Issue stage will now have suitable pick sheet print dates set to ensure they are moved through automatically.

00018A1C: Up Sell box appearing on order when no up sell items are assigned to the relevant stock item

UpSell/Crosssell button will no longer appear when upsell items are not present on the order.

0001893B: Fix new bank import matching for Paypal

Corrections made to the import matching process.

00018A65: Channels 2.0 - Product Download - Prevent case changes to SKU when being imported into Khaos Control

Using the Product Download procedure for Channels 2.0 will now import items with a stock code matching the case set against the item in the channel.

00018A91: Channels 2.0 - ChannelStock process able to send incorrect Channel ID's.

The ChannelStock process will now send Channel IDs only as expected.

00018A91: [Manual] Intersoft / Intelligent Shipper - When exporting shipment information, floating point inaccuracy can result in an error: "Total weight of items can not be greater than the combined total weight of all packages"

Package weight is now rounded to avoid mismatched weights due to floating point errors.

0001896B: [Manual] Intersoft / Intelligent Shipper courier will not export the total weight when using Fast Track Pack & Despatch the first time.

The Intersoft / Intelligent Shipper courier will now calculate the total weight for a Fast Track Pack and Despatch box using the total of the item weights on the invoice.

000189BA: Phase 1 - Manual - Initially user permissions to access/run reports should be to allow after update.

Reports access for current users defaults to previous access (i.e. all).

00018788: [ KCSL ] - [ Manual - Phase 1 ] - SOrder is duplicating Address after the Move SOrder action.

Opening the Address tab for a SOrder that uses an inactive address will no longer raise an error about updating an inactive address.

Coming Soon

The following improvements to the system will be coming soon; the version is yet to be determined.

018241: Changes to Currency Loss/Gain - change error routine to allow posting to current period by default

The check for Currency Loss/Gains postings has been changed. Where either area needed is closed in the period, the system will instead default to posting it in the current period, rather than raising a warning.

018307: New PSP integration with Klarna

Khaos Control has been enhanced to allow for integration with the Klarna payment platform.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018527: Extend Keycode_Code character limit

The character limit for Keycode code field has been increased to 30.

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