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This What's New page details all new development available in the standard system for the current and previous versions.

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For older versions please see What's New - Archive which lists previous versions.

What's New in Channels 2.0

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021192: Add Supplier Ref to [ Supplier Price Lists | Prices | Supplier / Stock ] grid

The Supplier Reference from the [ Stock | Detail | Suppliers ] and [ Supplier | Supplier Summary | Supplier Stock ] screens can be added to the grid in the [ Supplier Price Lists | Prices | Supplier / Stock ] screen using Configure Grid option.

021989: Add Country VAT support to SP Ledger

The SP Ledger posting mechanism has been updated to link the selected Tax Rate chosen on a SP Ledger item to the associated Tax Country, as a result of this association, any SP ledgers posted using a Country Tax Rate, will be posted to the Tax Return associated with that country. For example, a customer wishes to post the Irish Import VAT received from their courier for importing goods to their Irish VAT return. They would select their Irish Tax Rate, enter the tax amount and post the SP ledger purchase. This new transaction would then appear on the Irish Vat Return , when the [ Accounts | Tax ] screen is filtered on the "Republic of Ireland" in the country filter.

021755: Add fields to WMS export data

The EORI number, IOSS Number and Inco Terms have been added to the WMS export of Invoices, via the standard WMS webservices.

021586: Move invoice to an editable stage

When editing a Sales Order which is a non-editable stage in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ], a prompt will appear asking if the user wants to move the invoice back to Staging to allow editing.

021492: Add INCO terms to Customer records

INCO terms can be added to a customer record and this is linked to the [ Sales Order | Detail | Additional ] screen INCO terms and exposes the tag to the webservices so that the website can declare INCO terms via the import.xml.

021543: Allow Sunday Delivery Dates

A new ‘Allow Sunday Delivery Dates’ option has been added to [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Sales | delivery ] screen.

021662: Changes to the Company Financial tab and New Payment Default

In the [ Customer | Financial ] tab a new dropdown option for "Credit Controller" has been added. This will load a list of Khaos Control users, based on [ System Data | Users ] and will link the person responsible for the account to the customer.

In the [ New Payment ] dialog in the [ Customer/Supplier | Detail | Statement ] screen, the default payment type can now be changed from the default cheque to BACS or Credit Card. If you wish this to be done, you will need to email Support and quote dev item 021662.

021587: Add relationship potential figures to the Sales Order stock information

When a stock item has a relationship type of either Move With or Build and is added to a Sales Order, the information panel above the Sales Order grid, will show the relationship potential figure, i.e. the total number of the parent item that can be sold.


021310: Implement Reverse VAT into Khaos Control

Reverse VAT has been added into the system for both customers and suppliers.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

021379: Add total weight to Purchase Order header

The total weight has been added to Purchase Order header as some purchase orders incur duty charges by weight, so showing the total weight on the purchase order header is useful.

021478: Automate the Royal Mail Click and Drop courier to to import shipments following Assign to Courier

The Royal Mail Click and Drop integration has been updated to automatically attempt to import the consignment refs from a CSV file returned by Royal Mail.

021554: Add the User field to various grids

The user field from the Sales Order as shown within the Staged Processing grid has been added to the following areas in the system:

  1. [ Back Orders (Stock Assignment) ]
  2. [ Back Orders (Purchase Ordering) ]
  3. The header of the Supplier Return, which will be the user that created the Supplier Return.
  4. The header of the Customer Return, which will be the user that created the Customer Return.
    Note: The User field in the Supplier Return / Customer Return are read only fields and cannot be modified.


021374: Add launch date from supplier feed & modify webservice stock levels

The existing supplier feeds functionality has been modified so that the <NextPODate>2020-12-21</NextPODate> value is taken and stored within the stock item's LAUNCH_DATE field.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

021421: Channels 2.0: Add buffer level to stock profiles

New options have been added to the C2.0 profile such that a buffer level can be set for a channel. If the actual stock level is less than this buffer level, then Khaos Control should send 0 as the stock level to the channel.

021366: Modify DPD API to use invoice details if delivery details are missing

The DPD API Courier Integration has been modified to use the invoice details if the delivery details are missing.

021121: Couriers - Modify EORI and IOSS options to be generic and draw from brand and system value

Couriers - Modify EORI and IOSS options to be generic and draw from brand and system value


021190: Add barcode scan to the WHC Location Movements screen

The stock code field in the Warehouse Perform Location Movements screen, accepts different inputs for stock barcodes, for example Other Ref, Barcode.

021198: Auto-Processing of dropship orders

New functionality has been added so that when direct dropship orders are raised through Khaos Control, the associated Sales Order will be processed to the ISSUE stage of the Sales Invoice Manager automatically, see How To: Automatically Process Drop-Ship Sales Orders. The dropship will be "booked in" as soon as it's been raised and therefore Khaos Control will have access to auto-pick the order immediately. Other SIM movement restrictions should be ignored.
Note: This will only apply to orders which are 100% dropship direct with a delivered PO.

Coming Soon

The following improvements to the system will be coming soon; the version is yet to be determined.

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