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This What's New page details all new development available in the standard system for the current and previous versions.

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For older versions please see What's New - Archive which lists previous versions.

What's New in Channels 2.0

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021005: Brexit - Country VAT - Customs Invoice - Add Country specific VAT number to report pipeline

When using Country Specific VAT, the country specific VAT number entered against the country in the [ System Data | International | Countries ] screen can be shown in Customs Invoices., see How To: Add the Country Specific VAT Number to a Customs Invoice.

020903: Add Volume calculations to Courier Banding

Volume Low and Volume High have been added into [ System Data | Courier Bandings ] grid which will allow users to define volumetric calculations, alongside weight and value, when the system is doing the courier evaluation.

020635: Add API Support for Conversion rates

It is now possible to set live conversion rates in the currencies conversion table in System Data.

020855: Add login time restrictions

The system has been updated so that user login to Khaos Control can be restricted to prevent access to the system outside of the specified hours, see How To: Restrict Users from Accessing Khaos Control at Specific Times.

020905: Add Stock Value markup to Stock Item Price List

It is now possible to define the selling price as a Net value calculated from a mark-up % on the Stock Value for [ Price Lists | Stock Item / Price ] promotions.

020759: Allow pausing of a Standing Orders

Standing Orders have been changed so that you can pause Standing Orders between a start date and end date, see How To: Pause a Standing Order.

020719: C2.0 Shopify - Import Gift Message and Customisation Sections

KCSL have amended the C2.0 Shopify integration to store the text of gift messages and other standard customisation fields against items within the Sales Order in Khaos Control.

020933: Allow Warehouse Locations import for customers

KCSL will allow the 'Import Locations' button within the warehouse screen

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

019913: Define Courier Restrictions by Stock Type

KCSL have included the ability to restricted specific couriers for Sales Orders, based upon the stock types of items included in the order.

Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

8.197 - Brexit

This version of Khaos Control contains updates related to Brexit, please see our Brexit page for more information.

The top three development items are only available from version 8.197.195

021040: Brexit Couriers - Omit all Non Physical stock items from the courier export file

The system has been updated so that all stock items marked as non physical in their [ Stock | Detail | Options ] tab are not included in the file export to couriers.

020922: Add a default Email & Telephone to all Brexit Couriers

A nominal value for email and telephone is to be sent to the Brexit enabled couriers so that when the Sales Order doesn't include this "mandatory data" the dummy information is returned so that the courier checks are satisfied.

020907: Add option to each Brexit Courier for choice between ICN/HS codes

A new option has been added in courier setup to allow the selection of either Harmonisation Codes or ICN Codes for the courier being setup. This option only applies to the following couriers; DPD API, Ship@Ease, Hermes v3, Intersoft/Intelligent Shipper, MyDHL, Parcelforce ELv14, Secured Mail, ShipEngine, ShipTheory. The default behaviour is Harmonisation Code if the no option is set.

021019: Brexit - Customs Invoice - EORI add NI EORI facilities

Basic Reports changes have been made so that the system selects the correct EORI number when sending to ROW and Europe, or when sending items to Northern Ireland specifically. As part of this change a field for the Northern Ireland EORI number has been added to [ System Values | Company Details ].

The Basic Reports pipeline has been changed to reflect this and the EORI number is now called CALC_EORI_NUMBER with the <%Eori Number%> tag in the Company Address memo field being processed as CALC_EORI_NUMBER.

021023: Expose the customer specific EORI to Basic Reports

The customer/supplier EORI number setup in [ Customer/Supplier | Detail | Financial ] tab have been added to the following Basic Reports:

  • Invoice
  • Customs Invoice
  • Purchase Order

021025: Expose INCO terms to Basic Reports

INCO terms have been made available without having to have consignments. This allows setting INCO terms on the [ Sales Order | Detail | Additional ] tab and these being available in Basic Reports (Invoice, Customs Invoice), see How To: Setup INCO Terms for use with Sales Orders and Basic Reports.

020888: Brexit: Add customs Invoice per country support

If the Use Customs Inv checkbox in [ System Data | Countries ] is ticked and the country applicable is either the INVOICE or DELIVERY country for a sales order, all actions which print the invoice document (including the email trigger) will use the customs invoice instead of the standard invoice document.

From Version 8.197.90 there is a new purpose built Customs Invoice. If you would like this invoice to be sent to you please email Training. For more information about this invoice see Customs Invoice.

020673: Explore Country Specific VAT for Brexit

The Country Specific VAT functionality for sales orders will be made available to all customers free of charge as part of our Brexit preparations, see Country Specific VAT and How To: Setup Country Specific VAT for more information about how this is setup and used.

Country specific VAT for purchases is not supported.

020630: Add supplier availability into C2.0 Stock Level feeds

The stock level specifically for BigCommerce, Reverb & Amazon, has been updated with an option to include the Supplier Stock Availability level. This will allow the user to communicate stock potential from the supplier as well as the current stock holding.

020668: Add availability field into GRN screen

The upper grid in the [ GRN ] screen can be configured to show the Availability text field from the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen.
This option is only available when using Warehouse Control.


020518: Purchase Order Internal Notes changes

The number of characters in the Internal notes area in a purchase order has been increased from 500 1000.

020243: Add to the List Manager from CRM Comm Log

You can add green-selected customers or suppliers to the List Manager from the [ CRM Manager | Comm Log (Leads) ] screen.

020600: Add SOA as an email trigger rule & add $AGENT as a CC field

Sales Order Acknowledgement has been added as an Email Trigger Rule and the $AGENT_EMAIL tag has been added to Email Templates.

020626: Additional reconciliation import functions

We now have reconciliation imports for PayPal, Global-E & Shopify, as well as Amazon (which already existed), see:


020586: Add Brand column within SIM

The brand from the [ Sales Order | Additional ] screen can now be seen in the grid in the Sales Invoice Manager by using Grid Configuration.

020405: Channels 2.0 - Add option to re-upload OrderStatus data

Functionality has been added to allow users to select Sales Orders and re-upload their channel shipping notification status.


019916: Channels 2.0 - Allow stock items to force sending up their levels

Channels 2.0 functionality has been enhanced to allow stock items to force sending up their levels to the channel.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

020466: Modify the Packing Dialog to allow scanning of boxes

It is possible to complete the entire packing process with only a barcode scanner.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

019946: Expose ICN codes and Country of Origin via the webservices

The ICN Codes and Country of Origin in the ExportStock calls are now available in the standard webservices.

020452: Modify eBay GSP Import to use courier bandings on ShipTo Addresses

The GSP import process has been modified to allow the courier banding calculations to use the Ship To address instead of the delivery address.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

020169: Enhance Invoice Rules to support stock associations

This new option allows invoice rules to be based on stock types existing on an order.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

018394: Channels 2.0 - Add Max Display Qty support for Stock Profiles

The [ Channels | Detail | Stock ] screen has been enhanced and now will upload a minimum and/or maximum quantity when sending stock levels up to the channel, see How To: Set the Minimum and Maximum Stock Quantity to Upload when using Channels 2.0.

020471: Allow control of DPD Ship@Ease Neo field delimiter

This allows users to specific the field delimiter in their Ship@Ease Neo integration, from just commas to the following:

  • Pipe
  • Colon
  • Semi Colon
  • Tilde
  • Tab
  • Comma

For more information email Development.

020348: Extend price list support for C2.0

V2 webservices now supports Price Lists.


020427: Channels 2.0 - Modify BigCommerce to allow the import of finance orders

It is possible for orders imported into Khaos Control with finance payments. BACS payments are also imported with BACS as a payment type.

020561: Add an option to prevent KSSStringGrid from exporting (empty)

A hidden option has been added that prevents Khaos Control from filling in blank fields with (empty) when exporting CSV files.
Note: This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information.

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