Company Email Addresses Dialog

Company Email Addresses dialog is used to define the email addresses that specific PDF reports will be emailed to and when sending automated emails based on an SQL query when using the Email Trigger dialog. The default behaviour of this dialog (i.e. both 'Always Print' and 'Always Email' are unticked) is to try and email each document and, if this fails, for the document to print instead. Users can then modify that behaviour as appropriate by using the 'Always' columns per document type. Multiple email addresses can be set up using this method enabling Khaos Control to send the document to multiple email addresses, see How To: Setup Automatic Email Contact Preferences.

Opening the Company Email Addresses dialog

To open the Company Email Addresses dialog:

  1. Open a [ Customer | Detail | General ] screen.
  2. Click on the green roll over arrow in the middle:
    Green roll over arrow in the customer detail general screen.
  3. Click on the Set email addresses button button located in the Additional Options area.

Company Email Addresses dialog

The Company Email Addresses dialog consists of the action buttons and the grid.

the 'Company Email Addresses' dialog box

Action Buttons

  • the NEW ITEM button has an icon that shows two sheets of paper (identified by having the top right corner folded down), arranged diagonally on the icon from top left to bottom right : add a new line to the grid.
  • the DELETE ITEM button has an icon that shows two sheets of paper (identified by having the top right corner folded down), arranged diagonally on the icon from top left to bottom right and overlaid with a red cross. : delete the line currently focused on in the grid, else if green selected all green selected lines.


  • Document Type: use the F4 key to select one of the following document types:
    • Sales Invoice
    • Sales Delivery Note
    • Return
    • Statement
    • Payment Remittance
    • Purchase Order
    • Return
  • Email Address: the email address or addresses the document will be sent to.
    Note: If more than one e-mail address is set against the 'Document Type' then when documents are sent from print previews Email this doc button, Khaos Control will send the document to the multiple e-mail addresses rather than be limited to one e-mail per document. This only applies to when the user manually sends e-mails from the print preview of a report and not automatically from the Email Manager.
  • Always Print: when ticked this stops the entry from being automatically emailed when using the Email All button in reports.
    Note: this checkbox is ignored by the Email Manager for Invoice Template emails.
  • Always Email: when ticked will always email the specific document.
    1. This checkbox is only editable when the Always Print checkbox is ticked.
    2. If both Always Email and Always Print are ticked then the document will be included in both email and print runs for the customer.
    3. Despite only having Always Print ticked against an email address, when using trigger rules or the Email this doc button an email will be sent.
  • The setup for this is separate to the existing email addresses held against the address tab in the customer / supplier screen.
  • If any of the above values are not defined against a Company, then the system will use the standard rules to decide which email address to send the document to.
  • If you require that no emails are sent to your customer at all, then the company set email address (set in the [ Customer | Detail | Address ] tab) must be left blank otherwise the system will use that address to send the email to.

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