Contact Manager and CRM Training Course

The customer is king so make sure you can organise yourself to make them feel it,
so that they want to order from you time and time again.


The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area of the system allows users to record and manage contact with both customers and suppliers, maintaining an audit trail. This course covers handling comments and complaints, logging tasks, using the communication log more effectively and using the diary and reminders.


This course can be carried out at our offices in Grantham or on-site at our customer's offices.
Note: if training at your offices then it is important that the training environment is conducive to learning.


This course lasts one day.

Prior knowledge

A basic understanding of sales orders and the customer screens.

Topics Covered

  • Setting up options used in the CRM area.
  • Maintaining the list of contacts.
  • Adding appointments and actions.
  • Entering and managing tasks.
  • Entering information into the Communication Log from:
    • Sales Orders
    • Customer screens
    • Tasks
    • CRM Manager
  • Managing the Communication Log.
  • Entering and reporting comments and complaints.
  • Adding Notes including default, against Sales Orders and Customer specific.
  • Comment and Complaints

If you are interested in the Contact Manager and CRM Training Course, please email Training for more information.

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