Exchange Rates Dialog

The Exchange Rates dialog allows users to enter a different currency exchange rate which will update the exchange rates in [ System Data | International | Currency Conversions ].
Note: if the you do not want to update the rate in [ System Data | International | Currency Conversions ] then un-tick the Update System Data checkbox which is ticked by default.




  • Set reverse rates: for example if you set US$-£ rate then the system will calculate the £-US$ rate.
  • Update System Data: if ticked, updates the current exchange rate held in System Data with the new rate entered here. If not ticked then the exchange rate that will be used will be displayed.
  • New rates valid from/to: date range for the new rates to be valid from and to.
  • BtnOpenAllX.jpg: populates the grid with other currencies and rates, see the above screen shot.

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