File - Web Service Calls

This dialog displays the number of calls to the web service and how often they are being made. It is useful for diagnosing performance related issues of the web services. It is accessed through File | Health Check | Web Service Calls.

Web Service Calls dialog accessed from Health Check

The dialog consists of:

  • The upper filters;
  • The upper Method grid;
  • The lower Results grid.


  • Go button: must be pressed to display the results.
  • Date and Time range:
  • Help button in the web services dialog: displays the methods that are called when the Go button is pressed. For more information about the methods called please consult your Web Integration Guide.

Method Grid

  • Method Name: the name of the method that is called.
  • # Sources: the number of IP addresses that have called the method.
  • # Calls: the total number of calls made to the method.

Results Grid

  • IP Address: the IP address that called the Web Service for the method focused on in the above grid.
  • Call Date: the date the web service was called.
  • Call Time: the time the web service was called.
  • Diff (h:m:s:msec): the difference in time between the previous call time and the next call time in hours, minutes, seconds and microseconds.

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