How To: Add data to a Dashboard

To add data to a KPI Dashboard using the Grid menu:

  1. Open the Khaos Control screen that contains the data you wish to use.
  2. Populate the grid with the relevant data, using filters and/or date range, if applicable.
  3. Open the grid menu Btngridmenu.jpg.
  4. Select Tools | Add to Dash.
  5. In the Add Dash Item dialog, enter a group name for the data items you are going to add, for example 'Sales this Month'.
  6. Use the check box BtnTriStYesXP.jpg to determine if date fields are to be relative to today.
  7. In the Fields pane, select the data field you want to display in your Dashboard (usually a column name).
  8. In the Summary Kind column, select how you wish the data to be summarised, for example as a total or an average.
  9. In the Caption box, enter a suitable caption for your data item, for example 'Total Amt', 'No. of Sales', etc.. There is a 15 character limit for your caption.
  10. Use the Add Item button KPI add item button to add your data item to the group you are compiling.
  11. To add further data items to the group, repeat steps 7 - 10.

For more information about how to configure and view your Dashboard see:

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