How To: Create and Understand the EPOS Hourly Sales Analysis Report

The EPOS Hourly Sales Analysis Report allows the user to report on how many sales they are receiving each hour. The report also the shows the value proportion of each sale based on the chosen time scale.

  1. Open the EPOS screen screen (show me how).
  2. Click on the BtnEPOSPrintX.jpg button in the EPOS KeyPOS User Panel.
  3. Click on the BtnEPOSHourlySalesX.jpg button in the Print EPOS Report....
  4. Choose the time range that you wish to report on.
    Note: you can also choose a date and multiple date ranges.
  5. Click Ok to generate the Hourly Sales Analysis report.

The EPOS Hourly Sales Analysis Report is Site dependant, the user must log out of EPOS and either log out of Khaos Control and log back in with a user based at the alternative site or go to System Operations - Change Stock Control Site.

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