How To: Lost Demand a Whole Sales Order

Lost Demanding a stock item is used when a customer requires an item that you do not have enough of or it is out of stock so they decide not to purchase the item from you. If the customer decides to purchase everything else on their order then you can just lost demand the single item, see How To: Lost Demand an item on a Sales Order and if it is a pack item see How To: Lost Demand Pack Items. If the customer decides to lost demand the whole order including both in stock and out of stock items this must be carried out as follows:

  1. Create a new sales order as described in How To: Create a New Sales Order or open an existing sales order that requires Lost Demanding.
    Note: if the customer has cancelled their order during input then you must save before continuing (there must be at least one item on the order).
  2. Click on the BtnLost Demand Button.jpg button.
  3. Click on the yellow warning triangle and then OK in the System Message popup to Lost Demand the whole order.
  4. Enter the reason for the deletion/cancellation and then click OK.
  5. The sales order will be deleted.


  • If there are items already assigned to the Sales Order but not sent, then the sales order will be deleted.
  • If a BO/PO has been created then there will no longer be an associated sales order and the purchase order will not be deleted.
  • A completely cancelled order will not show in Sales Summary as lost demand, however, single items marked as Lost Demand can be reported on, see Using Sales Summary to Report on Lost Demand Items.
  • If an item has been cross sold because the original item the customer wanted was out of stock or there was insufficient stock to fulfil their requirements, then you may want to adjust the value of the original unfulfilled item to the difference, if less than the original item, before lost demanding it. This will record the fact that you were not able to sell the item you wanted to.
  • The entire Sales Order has now been Lost Demanded and can be reported on by running the Lost Demanded Orders query in Reports.

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