How To: See Sales by a Specific Keycode

To see all the sales by a specific keycode, i.e. where the keycode on the sales order matches the keycode selected in the filter.

  1. Open a Sales Summary screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Best Sellers ] screen.
  3. Press the F4 filter button button in the top left.
  4. Change the Date Range as required.
  5. In the Add New Filter drop down select Keycode.
  6. In the Keycode filter select the Keycode you wish to see the sales for.
  7. If you wish to see how successful a source keycode was at generating subsequent business select the Source Keycode filter and tick the checkbox.
    Note: this will only work when a keycode is selected.
  8. Once you have selected the required filters, click on OK. The grid will then be populated according to the filters selected. The contents can be Sent to Notepad or printed as required.

Note: if the keycode has expired, right click on the Keycode - Tracking filter and select Show All from the context menu. This will display expired keycodes.

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