How To: Use Another Stock Item's Sales History when using Advanced Reordering

If you have a stock item that has no sales history you can use the sales history of another similar item so the system can calculate the demand and how much you need to reorder.

Note: The history will only apply until the window is closed.

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Reordering | Reordering Advanced ] screen.
  3. Tick Included Items Without History checkbox and click Go.
    Note: you may wish to select other filters before clicking on Go for example Supplier or Stock Type.
  4. Focus on the stock item without an order history, right click and select Use Alt Stock Item For Demand from the context menu.
  5. Find and select the stock item with the order history.
  6. The grid will be updated and the code column will be highlighted in yellow for the item with the 'borrowed' order history.
    Note: the alternative stock item's demand only applies for the duration the screen is open.

A stock item must have a Reorder Period(d) defined against it otherwise it will not be included even if the Included Items Without History checkbox is ticked.

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