How To: View which Stock Items have not Sold

  1. Open an Accounts screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Stock Value | Period Analysis ] tab.
  3. In the filters at the top:
    • Make sure the Quantity radio button is selected.
      Note: you could use the Stock Value radio button which would show the value of any sales against a stock item.
    • Change the date range as required.
    • Select the Site (Optional).
    • Select the other filters as required (discontinued, Exclude Non-Movers, Stock Type, Site etc).
  4. Click on the Go button, the results will be displayed below.
  5. Right click or Ctrl+D on the Sold column to sort the entries. Those without any number in have not been sold during the date range selected.
  6. Focus on an item in the Sold column that has not sold and press Ctrl+ Shift+R to select all non-sellers which can then be sent to Notepad for further analysis in a spreadsheet.


  • If the Sold figure is:
    • Positive: the item entered the system for example as a Delivery or CReturn.
    • Negative: then the item has left the system for example Sold or SReturn.
      Note: Adjustments can be either positive or negative.
  • Discontinued items can be included or excluded in the results depending on the status of the tri-state checkbox:
    • UNTICKED (default): discontinued items are not included in the results.
    • TICKED: only discontinued items are displayed.
    • GREEN: discontinued items are included in the results.
  • Pack headers are included in the results.

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