KPI Dashboard Example - Counting Orders By Sales Source

Example Scenario

In this example we want to create a KPI dashboard which will show us the number of orders dropping into the Staging stage of Sales Invoice Manager based on their sales source.

Filtering the Screen

After opening Sales Invoice Manager we need to select the Staging stage and, using the BtnSSCuF4.jpg button, filter the results on the first sales source we want to report on.

SIM filter on sales source

Add To Dash

Once we have filtered the results in the grid, we can select 'Add to Dash' from 'Tools' in the grid menu.
Note: there must be data present in the grid for the following steps to work.

Add to dash in grid menu

This will open up the 'Add Dash Item' dialog, which we can complete as follows:

Add Dash Item Dialog

We have created a group named 'Sales Source' and we have then highlighted 'SOrder' and 'Count' to count the number of individual sales orders. In the 'Caption' box we have entered the name of the sales source we have filtered on and then clicked the 'Add Item' button to load it into the existing items area. We can then close the dialog, filter the grid on the next sales source we want to report on and repeat the process for adding the data item to the dashboard, using a different group name (e.g. Sales Source 2).

Once we have added all the data items we want to report on, we select 'Configure Dash' from the Dash menu.

Configure Dash

File menu Configure Dash

Clicking on 'Configure Dash' will open up the Configure Dash Display dialog.

Configure Dash Display Dialog

We first need to add a new line and name our dashboard

Add new dash

By selecting the Group we created earlier we can drag and drop the data item into the grid. We can then repeat for the other groups we have created.

Add to dash drag and drop

We should now have something like this:

Completed Dash

Click on 'OK' to close the dialog.


To view your dashboard, go to the file menu and select it from the 'Dash' sub-menu.

View Dash

The dashboard will then be displayed. It can be resized and repositioned as desired. The one we have just created looks like this:

KPI Dashboard

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