Opayo Test Pack


This Opayo® Test Pack is provided to customers that have a new Opayo® account.

It contains instructions for undertaking test transactions including charging a payment card and making a refund to the same card. This is intended to confirm that Khaos Control has been configured for use with Opayo®.

Test Pack Instructions

To Login to your Live and Test Admin use the following link and details:

For your testing, please setup the Test Opayo® Admin Area. Once your system is live, you will be required to setup Users in the live system.

Note: there are NO dummy cards to use on the Live server. Actual Live bank cards must be used.

The Administrator account is for creating, editing, deleting and unlocking User accounts only. If you enter the wrong Admin account details more than 3 times, the account will lock and will require you to contact Opayo® Support to unlock it for you. Your User accounts are for viewing your transaction reports. If you enter incorrect User details more than 3 times, the User account will lock. You will be able to unlock the User account by logging in as the Administrator.

Note: Remember to log out of your User account when you have finished viewing your Reports. Failure to do so will freeze your account for 15 minutes. If you wish to clear this session before this time, log in as the Administrator and logout the User account.

If you need any assistance in using the VSP Admin Area, then please refer to the official Opayo® manual, which is available online at / https://www.opayo.co.uk/support/user-guides-and-demos

Test Transactions

Prior to Go Live you will be required to:

  1. Create a new customer with the address and postcode details as below (you can enter any other values into the town and county fields, but the Address 1 and Postcode have to be exactly as shown below).
  2. Create a new payment card for that customer, using the card numbers and CV2 number shown below.
  3. Create at least one sales order for each payment card that you have setup against the customer and take payment.
  4. Process at least one refund for each payment card that you have setup against the customer.

Once your testing is complete, please login to your VSP Test Admin Area and check the details of the transactions.

Card Type Card Name Card Number Issue Number
Visa VISA 4929000000006 n/a
Visa Delta DELTA 4462000000000003 n/a
Visa Electron UK Debit UKE 4917300000000008 n/a
MasterCard MC 5404000000000001 n/a
UK Maestro MAESTRO 5641820000000005 n/a
International Maestro MAESTRO 300000000000000004 n/a
American Express AMEX 374200000000004 n/a
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) JCB 3569990000000009 n/a
Diners Club DC 36000000000008 n/a
Laser Cards LASER 6304990000000000044 n/a

You will also need to supply an Expiry Date in the future and the following Values for CV2, Billing Address Numbers and Billing Postcode Numbers.

Field Value
CV2 123
Address 1 88
PostCode 412

Note: These are the only values which will return as Matched. Any other values will return a Not Matched.

Please inform email us once you have completed these tests. They will then arrange for your Opayo® account to be put live.

Note: Should your Khaos Control system be already using a payment service provider (PSP), then ensure that all authorisations and refunds have been completed against that PSP before going live with Opayo®.

After Opayo® has been set live

Once Opayo® has been set live, we strongly recommend you check that you can take a payment and make a refund against one of your own credit/debit cards, and check that these transactions show correctly on My Opayo® Live Admin.

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