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A number of companies use reward points as an incentive to their customers. Khaos Control is designed to allow the user to allocate rewards points to customers based on products purchased and the classification they belong to.
Note: if you add several of the same items to a sales order, some to be paid for using reward points and the rest paid for as per normal, then you need to add the items being paid for using reward points on one line and add the same item on another line to be paid for normally.

Setting Up Reward Points

There are two steps to setting up reward points:

  1. Setup the Reward Points earned when stock items are purchased: the number of reward points to be awarded when a customer purchases a stock item are specified against the stock item in the Pricing section of the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen, see How To: Setup Reward Point against Stock Items being Purchased.
  2. Setting up the stock items that the Reward Points can be redeemed against: stock items that customers can redeem their accrued reward points for are set up against Company Class, see How To: Create Reward Point Products against Classifications and How To: Copy Rewards to other Customer Classifications.


  1. Accruing Reward Points: reward points are accrued per stock item purchased, therefore if the customer purchase two items they get double the reward points. The reward points being accrued are added to the customer's record once the sales invoice has been issued in the Sales Invoice Manager.
  2. Viewing a Customer's Reward Points: the number of reward points a customer has accrued is displayed in the Sales Statistics area in the [ Customer | Detail | General ] screen. These reward points can then be used to purchase items specified against their Company Class as set up in the [ Reward Points Tab ].
  3. Redeeming Reward Points: customers can redeem their reward points in Sales Orders, see How To: Redeem Reward Points in Sales Orders.
    1. Customers can only claim items that are on reward point lists associated with their Company Class.
    2. Customers cannot claim items worth more reward points than they have accrued.
    3. Customers may redeem their reward points against more than one item if they have accrued sufficient reward points.
  4. Returning Reward Items
    1. If a Stock Item is returned which was responsible for a customer accruing Reward Points then the reward point value of the product at the time of sales will be removed from the Customers Reward Point total. (e.g. If a Cu bought an item that was worth 100 points but returned it when the value had been changed to 50 points then the whole 100 points would be removed from the customers reward point total)
    2. If a Reward Stock Item that purchased using redeemed points is returned then the reward point value at point of redemption will be added to the Customers Reward Point total. (e.g. If a Cu redeemed an item that was worth 50 points but returned it when the value had been changed to 100 points then the original 50 points would be added to the customers reward point total).
  5. Clearing Reward Points is carried out from the Other Actions Menu in the Customer screen, see How To: Clear Reward Points. It allows the user to clear reward points for:
    1. Current Company: this will allow the current company's reward points to be cleared.
    2. Selected Companies: this will allow selected companies' reward points to be cleared.
    3. All Companies: this will clear the reward points for ALL companies on the system.

Reward Points Tab

The screen consists of:

  • Company Classification drop down: to select the company classification the reward points are to be applicable to.
  • copy reward points button: copy the reward points set up against one company classification to another one.
  • Reward Points Grid

Reward Points Grid

  • Stock Code: stock item code.
  • Stock Description: stock item description, automatically populated by Khaos Control.
  • Points: reward points needed to purchase specified product.

Reward Points Grid Context Menu

  • Goto Stock Item...: opens the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] for the selected stock item.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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